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About Us

At ICI, we know thermography and supply some the most reputable universities and companies in the world with our thermal cameras.

Who We Are

We are leaders in innovation of our infrared products and develop our own line of thermal cameras as well as multi-spectral infrared cameras and complete package systems, including the manufacture of NIR, MWIR, SWIR, LWIR cameras. We specialize in providing the best thermal infrared imaging for a broad spectrum of industries including aerial, medical, and industrial applications.  Whether it is for medical thermography, precision agriculture (thermal cameras for drones), industrial thermography, electrical thermography, or process control our goal is to competitively supply the needs of our customers with top of the line infrared cameras.

Our small, lightweight, durable, and accurate cameras provide professional thermographers with the most accurate temperature measurement of every pixel. Our cameras have been used for many industry specific applications including cancer research, crop inspections, electrical inspections, veterinary research, industrial process management, population disease screening and much more.

Great Customer Service

We strive to provide great customer service alongside our highly accurate infrared cameras with efficacy and professionalism. Even after the sale, we provide our customers with the best, most knowledgeable service.

Ongoing Development

We continue to develop unprecedented technology for our customers, including custom builds and designs to fit your exact needs and specifications. We will do our absolute best to supply a thermal imaging solution of any spectrum of infrared light.


With some of the most experienced in the field of thermal cameras, we also provide the best ASNT thermography training available. One-on-one personal attention is given to each student to ensure that they are getting the most out of their infrared camera.

Mission Statement

Infrared Cameras Inc’s (ICI™) primary goal is to develop and manufacture the most sensitive, accurate and competitively priced Infrared Cameras in the world.

Corporate Values:

  • Develop technology that provides a ground breaking impact to Medicine, UAV, Aerospace, Petrochemical, Agriculture, and Process Control Applications.
  • Perform and deliver the highest quality with every task and product.
  • Fully exercise the full benefit of the technology/asset that is in our possession.
  • Focus as a team, debate each decision and fully support the direction.
  • Treat each other with honesty and mutual respect, and any disagreements will be voiced.
  • Facilitate a vibrant culture – we will celebrate success.

Company Overview

Infrared Cameras Inc. manufactures complete infrared systems and software. We can also provide complete engineering and OEM solutions. Our customers are some of the largest of the Fortune 500 and they rely on us for infrared equipment and thermography training, which we offer through the Infrared Training Institute.

In addition to providing custom germanium, silica, and sapphire optics, we also build windows for enclosures as well as custom pan and tilt units. We can even provide water proof, explosion proof, and customizable explosion proof pan and tilt systems.

Our knowledge and experience extends from years of using infrared imaging and temperature measurement instruments to provide solutions to managers, engineers, scientists, inspectors and operators in space, power companies, medical, pulp and paper, food industry, research and development, and various process industries. You can see our products and services used in industrial, commercial, and government applications worldwide. Our ICI 7320 was awarded “Product of the Month” by NASA1. Additionally, our systems have been used and seen on national Television shows such as “The History Channel” and “The Maury Show”.

Originally named Texas Infrared (still DBA), Infrared Cameras Inc. has been in business since March, 1995. ICI provides outstanding customer service, professional support, experienced thermography trainers, and will work to find the correct infrared solutions for your particular application and company.

Thank you for your dedicated and continued support.

1Volume 33 No. 2, February 2009 edition of NASA Tech Briefs