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ired-uk-distribution-ici-usb-thermal-infrared-camera-1 iRed Announces UK Distribution for ICI 9000 Series UAV Thermal Imaging Camera

Our 9640 P-Series | USB / UAV Thermal Infrared Camera has now been released for marketing in the UK by our distribution partner iRed.  We would like to thank them for their continued use of our products in the solar market and for the creation of this press release. 

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upload-your-thermal-infrared-images-videos-and-get-featured Submit Your Infrared Images or Videos and Get Featured!

Got an interesting shot? Now you can submit your captured ICI infrared camera images and videos for a chance to be featured on the front home page of our website, as well as shared across our social networking platforms.

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level-1-thermography-training-classes-september-19th-22nd Level I Thermography Training Classes – September 19th-22nd, 2016

Level I Thermography Training Classes are still open for registration! Don’t miss the deadline for registration! Sign up for our upcoming Infrared Thermography Level I classroom and field training. Training will take place at our facility in Beaumont, Texas on September 19th – 22nd, 2016. In this 4 day course you will learn the basics of infrared and thermal physics …

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FAA-logo-new-drone-regulations-top-5-q-a-to-keep-money-in-your-pocket New Drone Regulations: Top 5 Q&A to Keep Money in Your Pocket

If you’re reading this, you more than likely own a drone, know someone who owns one, or are in the market to buy one yourself.  And just in case you haven’t heard, there have been some recent developments that have been brought to Uncle Sam’s attention and have incurred a few minor changes that you may or may not know about that directly affects ownership of a drone.

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Infrared-Cameras-Inc-incororates-new-infrared-store-now-buy-directly-from-our-site The New Infrared Store / Winter Break Sale

You now have the ability to buy a brand new ToughCam P-Series, T-Cam 160 P-Series, T-Cam 80 P-Series, or T-Cam 32 S-Series infrared camera without having to request a quote*.  Buy your infrared camera and pay with your credit/debit card through PayPal without having to create an account.

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