ICI’s Latest in Fugitive Gas Emission Detection – Halo | Thermal Infrared Aerial UAV System

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Halo Thermal Aerial UAV System detects fugitive emissions
Halo Thermal Aerial UAV System detects fugitive emissions

Here at Infrared Cameras Inc, we proudly supply a number of UAV thermal cameras that are perfect for your individual needs, including ones that are specifically situated for agriculture, building and roof inspections, and even high voltage power lines.  These cameras are small, lightweight, and extremely convenient when compared to some of the larger infrared cameras on the market today.  They also can be connected to any desktop computer via USB and run with our latest software.

Fugitive Gas Emissions Detected by ICI’s Latest Thermal Infrared Aerial UAV System

And now, we offer the perfect all-in-one portable aerial infrared solution that will make detecting fugitive gas emissions safe and cost effective.  Introducing the Halo | Thermal Infrared Aerial UAV System.

Halo Thermal Infrared Aerial UAV System

With the Halo | Thermal Infrared Aerial UAV System you have the ability to combine multiple UAV thermal cameras / sensors via our Sensor Control Module.  This interconnectivity makes our UAS capable of high definition visible imaging as well as thermal long wave, short wave, RGB, and optical gas imaging.  Never worry about missing a great shot!  Its 3-axis gimbal allows for the collection of spectral data and crisp, clean images from any angle.

Sensor Control Module

Our UAS is built of a durable, lightweight carbon fiber construction.  It comes standard with a large battery and 8 motors offering you extended flight time as well as redundancy to protect your investment.  With it’s outstanding stability and retractable landing gear the Halo | Thermal Infrared Aerial UAV System is a leading platform for the capture of aerial infrared imaging and fugitive emission detection.

See the Halo in Action

Drone World Expo 2016
Drone World Expo 2016

Be sure to visit us at the Drone World Expo in San Jose, CA on November 15th-16th, Booth #407 for a first hand look at this latest aerial optical imaging system, the Halo.



For more information please contact us or give us a call: 1-409-861-0788 or 1-866-861-0788 for international customers.

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