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Temperature Screening Cameras

Infrared Cameras Inc offers an array of skin temperature measurement devices, from infrared thermometers to thermal imaging systems. All of our infrared temperature measurement devices, including our software program, are 510(k) cleared by the FDAfor adjunctive medical use.

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    Why ICI?


    ICI has been a global innovator in thermal cameras for a quarter century, resulting in superior accuracy. Our cameras are accurate to within a fraction (0.1 to 0.3 Celsius) of one degree Celsius making them the safest and most reliable fever screening solution on the market today. Top quality internal sensors, sophisticated software, leading optics, and ISO approved blackbody calibration make this possible.


    Long before COVID-19, ICI has been supplying governments, front-line health responders, non-profits, and corporations with the fever screening systems that were needed to contain the spread of SARS, H1N1, and Ebola.


    ICI has been a long-time pioneer in developing FDA compliant solutions meeting rigorous ISO standards to keep people safe. Any thermal camera used with humans is an FDA regulated Class 1 Medical Device.  ICI received FDA clearance 12 years ago and takes health and public safety seriously.  As part of its commitment to the highest quality procedures and processes, it also follows the distinctive ISO 13154 requirements.  We are the industry leader in certifications, hands down.

    U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Regulated Product:

    • Thermal cameras used on humans are Class 1 Medical Devices regulated by the FDA
    • ICI received FDA clearances in 2008 and 2010 placing ICI in a league apart from the competition.

    ISO Standards

    • ISO, the International Standards Organization, provides specific guidance on deployment, implementation, and operational guidelines for manufacturing processes globally
    • ISO 13154 applies to identifying febrile humans (those with fevers) using screening thermography (or thermal cameras)
    • This standard requires a blackbody, which ensures the highest quality accuracy
    • ICI’s pursuit of accuracy excellence is why ICI solutions include a blackbody (one of the 3 essential elements


    ICI provides your equipment, employee training, and aftermarket calibration and support. If you want a total solution, we provide it. If you only want certain components, we provide it. Even the world’s leading companies and institutions trust ICI to keep employees and customers safe:


    Screening employees and customers is fast and easy, taking less than 2 seconds per person.

    ICI’s Solution is as Easy as 1, 2, 3…

    1. Thermal Camera: the “brains” of the operation.
    2. Blackbody: small calibration device that emits the same temperature (98.6 F / 37 C) to achieve world leading thermal camera accuracy.
    3. Screen / Computer:  yours or ours.  You decide. Shows a simple “Green Dot” (no fever) or “Red Dot” (fever).

    Fever Screening in less than 2 seconds per person:
    ICI provides a complete solution to screen for fever and to keep workers safe


    U.S. Navy veteran, Gary Strahan, has owned and operated ICI since 1995 providing American jobs in Beaumont, TX and across America. Always ahead of the curve, Infrared Cameras Inc (ICI) has been designing & manufacturing infrared cameras, systems, & software for various industries and applications.