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    Cloud Platform

    Measure and Contain your Company’s BioRisk

    ICI’s Biorisk Cloud Platform brings together cameras, software and services to help you avoid
    operational disruption and safeguard your business from employee lawsuits claiming you have
    not done enough to protect your workforce from threats such as Covid-19.

    How ICI helps businesses measure and contain Biorisk


    Protect Against Liability Lawsuits:

    The Wall Street Journal calls it, “a tsunami of COVID-19 litigation,” as employees claim companies don’t do enough to protect them. Invest in a comprehensive strategy to measure and contain biorisk across your offices, factories and distribution centers.


    Avoid Operational Disruption:

    ICI’s touchless thermal cameras and rapid temperature screening systems keep operations moving smoothly, avoid operational disruption like factory closures and shuttering of distribution centers. Deliver peace-of-mind as you create a safer workplace.


    Communicate Risk and Measure Progress:

    ICI helps you measure and communicate risk across your organization, giving your safety, security and health officers measurable benchmarks to report on progress across your company.

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    Sector Camera

    Corporate Liability

    Sector Camera

    Health & Safety

    Sector Camera

    Avoid Disruptions

    Tailored Solutions for All Industries

    A Solution Built to Contain
    and Measure Biorisk

    Our platform combines thermal cameras and cloud-based analysis and learning,
    with top of the line enterprise services to give you full support.

    Enterprise Services

    ICI expert technicians service and educate our customers every step of the way. From design and implementation to calibration and training, we provide over 20 years of experience and insight.


    Customized Design and Delivery:

    Rely on overnight hardware replacement to implement solutions for industry-specific use cases.


    Certified Calibration Services:

    Calibrate infrared cameras to meet high standards on an annual basis.


    World Class Customer Support:

    Expect continued support with system repair, maintenance, and software updates for mission-critical applications.


    Dependable Training Services:

    Educate your teams through Level I and II training and certification along with infrared program development.


    Distribution Partner Network:

    Utilize onsite services available through a global distribution partner network. These include proof-of-concept, onsite training, etc.

    Thermal Cameras

    Industry-leading thermal imaging devices with 20 year history in the United States. ICI’s high resolution thermal cameras lead the field in precision and reliability. Our infrared cameras enable rapid temperature screening checks for employees and customers. This added layer of defense safeguards your business at the door.


    High Accuracy Thermal Cameras:

    ICI’s cameras are accurate to within 0.1 – 0.3° Celsius. Top quality internal sensors, sophisticated software, leading optics, and a calibrated temperature reference make this possible.


    Medical-Grade Solutions:

    A thermal camera used with humans is an FDA regulated Medical Device. Our non-contact approach enables safer temperature screens for employees and customers.

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    Demand for infrared temperature screening systems is up drastically due to coronavirus infections. ICI is doing all that it can to fulfill all orders and play a major role in stopping COVID-19. Fill out the form below to request a quote on our thermal imaging devices.