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Using Infrared Camera To Check Insulation Voids

Using infrared camera to check insulation voids

The modern homeowner has more reasons than ever to desire a well-insulated house. Fortunately, there is a quick and easy way of drastically improving the insulation of your home, and that is checking for insulation voids. Checking for and fixing these problems is cheaper than changing the insulation of your entire house, and can have a significant impact on your heating and cooling bills - and infrared cameras are the easiest way to do this.

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Mold Detection Using Infrared Cameras


By using an infrared camera that produces images of heat radiation, a technician can detect the existence of moisture inside of walls that cannot be seen by the human eye. Moisture and similar conditions can promote mold growth. Mold related problems can be detected by the camera before there are signs that are visible or detectable by a person other senses such as smell.

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The Use of Infrared Camera for Roof Leaks Detection

the use of infrared camera for roof leaks detection

The use of infrared cameras in detecting roof leaks has empowered the roofing industry. Before the use of infrared, roofing professionals had to go to great lengths to detect leaks caused by moisture build-up or mold, especially in the easy to build but hard to maintain flat roofs that have become exceedingly popular in recent years. Now, time and resources that were used in the past to scout the problem can be used to solve the issue.

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The Benefits of Infrared Camera Building Inspection


The use of infrared cameras is not only able to detect hard to spot problems it also allows building inspector is to see problems before they become serious issues.  Infrared inspection also helps inspectors to diagnose not just the extent to but also the source of many of these problems.  This can result in a large reduction in costs.

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Concrete and Asphalt Bridge Deck Delamination – Gary Strahan, CEO Infrared Cameras Inc.

concrete and asphalt bridge deck delamination

Our nation’s bridges account for a substantial component in highway infrastructure.  In particular the reinforced concrete decking used to construct these bridges is continuously being degraded due to normal traffic and environmental exposure.  This degradation is exacerbated in climatic regions where de-icing chlorides are used and in coastal regions where bridges are exposed to high salt air concentrations.

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