Long Distance Infrared – The New 100mm Lens

Infrared Cameras Inc. has done it again.  We have built a lens that, coupled with the IR-Pad 640 P-Series, will take amazing thermal infrared photos even at 70 yards!  Now, those hard-to-reach, dangerous places that are difficult to see, let alone take an infrared image of, will be within arm’s length thanks to our 100 mm lens.

Interested in gaining that distance?  Call us at 1-409-861-0788 or 1-866-861-0788 for international customers.


FL: 100 mm Manual w/6.2° x 4.7° FOV, +565 grams
F#: 1.4
Waveband: 8~12um
Detector: 640 x 480, 17 um
Dimensions: Ø86 x 133.8mm



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