Rossen Reports: Carnival Cruises, Ford Purchase New Technology to Fight Coronavirus Spread

Rossen Reports featured Infrared Cameras Inc about how ICI is supplying its cameras to major companies to slow down the spread of coronavirus. Read a highlight here:

One method for containing the spread of the novel coronavirus: highly calibrated infrared cameras. Major American companies are beginning to buy them up by the thousands.

These high-tech cameras contain ultra-sensitive sensors that come either as a portable device or fixed cameras that attach to metal detectors. 

Just this week, we have learned exclusively, Carnival Cruise Line ordered the cameras to test passengers and crew boarding its ships. Ford Motor Company also bought the devices to test and protect employees at its plants around the world.

“The cameras are simple and passive. I believe it’s the future — eventually, they will be everywhere,” said Gary Strahan, ICI CEO.


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