The Telegraph: Fever surveillance ‘to become as common as CCTV’

The Telegraph quoted ICI founder Gary Strahan regarding what the post-coronavirus future might look like in terms of temperature screenings. See an excerpt of the article here:

Gary Strahan, founder of Infrared Cameras in Texas, has been working 4am until 10pm to get orders to the flurry of new customers.

“Every corporation has bought hundreds of cameras from us,” he says. Strahan says Infrared Cameras were putting cameras on robots in Chinese hospitals before “people in the US, in England” had any idea of how big a threat Covid-19 was. He has experienced surges in demand just a few times before: when Ebola and H1N1 struck.

Business may be booming, but Strahan wishes the “horrendous” situation would go away. Unfortunately, that would be wishful thinking.

“I believe you are going to see infrared cameras become as common as CCTV,” he says.



  1. Joe Balistreri says:

    HI My name is Joe Balistreri, I am the owner of Vision Surveillance Inc. We install surveillance systems in casinos. I am getting request for a system that can read body temp. The casinos want a security guard that screens people to see if they have a temperature as they walk threw the front door of the casino. Can you please call me as soon as possible. I have a few casinos that want a system. Please call me 951-757-1660

    • Merissa Kelley says:


      Thank you for your interest in Infrared Cameras Inc. We have a few products that would help you screen customers as they walk through the front door of the casino including the FM 384 P Series IR Camera and the FMX 400 P Series IR Camera. I am not sure on delivery time for the FM 384, but I do know that we have plenty of FMX 400’s ready.

      I have forwarded your reply to our VP in Sales, Joe Strahan. He’ll be able to get you accurate lead times on the above products. Due to the high volume of communications, it might take him 72 hours to get back with you.

      In the meantime, please feel free to reply here and I’ll continue to forward communications until you hear back from him.

      Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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