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Infrared Technology in Building Science

Thermal imaging for residential or commercial use.

Thermal technology reveals repairs with ease. Using infrared cameras to visualize building science concepts and applications, owners gain physical evidence of problems before they become costly. Our systems save clients both time and resources with the implementation of building thermal imaging surveys.

Our infrared building diagnostics enables owners to identify various maintenance projects with ease. Now inspectors can examine areas for invasive presences such as fungus, insects, and moisture without having to use destructive testing methods. Thermal technology catches accidents before they happen. With these more accurate and fruitful inspection cameras, the repair process becomes quicker and easier.

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Infrared building inspections and thermal energy have transformed the building science industry. With our highly accurate systems, you are able to complete inspections of critical equipment and identify defects in a safer manner.


Unmanned Infrared Systems

Infrared cameras have the ability to be mounted on drones, unmanned trucks/cars, and small planes. These types of thermal cameras excel at detecting pest invasions, roof leaks, ice damage, and many other common problems from crawl spaces to roofs. Using unmanned cameras helps ensure the safety of your inspectors.
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Handheld Thermal Cameras

If portability is a must, handheld infrared cameras are the solution for you. They are perfect for improving the thermal performance of a building, general thermal building inspection, or even testing thermally efficient building materials.
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Fixed Mount

Our fixed mount thermal cameras can be set up to monitor a set location for long periods of time. This allows for long term data to be collected, and analyzed for a noninvasive view into the walls, roof, and plumbing of the building.
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Infrared Cameras in Building Science

Building Inspections
From roofs to electrical wiring, infrared thermography for building inspections is even easier with our cameras.

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Infrared Insulation Inspection
HVAC/R System Maintenance
Infrared Home Inspection
Real Estate Appraisals
Thermal Applications in Plumbing
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insulation inspection with thermal camera
HVAC inspection with thermal camera
Infrared home inspection being completed with a handheld infrared camera
Get accurate real estate appraisals with infrared cameras
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FAQ: Building Science

What can infrared cameras catch in a roof inspection?

Thermal cameras excel at detecting pest invasions, roof leaks, ice damming, and many other common roof problems on commercial or residential buildings. Unmanned cameras on drones help ensure the safety of your inspectors while upholding the quality of the inspection.

How can thermal cameras help with advanced building science?

Our thermal cameras are designed to complete infrastructure inspections and monitor advanced building science activities. Our technology can be utilized during the construction process by being added to drone systems or by enhancing visual inspections with a handheld thermal camera. These tools aid searching buildings for efficiency in energy, insulation, and water.

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