Nasal Foreign Body - Canine

April 7, 2018
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The patient had a history of being depressed and having a bilateral nasal discharge

Physical Examination Findings
A physical examination revealed an increased temperature and confirmed bilateral nasal discharge. Auscultation of the pharynx, trachea, and thorax was normal.

Regional Screen with Digital Thermal Imaging
The patient was acclimated to room temperature, was not handled during acclimation, and remained calm during image capture. A digital thermal image of the face was captured with a Digatherm IR camera.

Interpretation of the Initial Thermal Image
A focal area of hyperthermia was noted over the right posterior nasal cavity. Asymmetrical areas of hyperthermia were noted around the eyes bilaterally (Fig. 1).

Additional Diagnostics
Fiber optic examination of the nasal cavity revealed a foreign body in the fight posterior nasal cavity.

Treatment Plan
The foreign body was removed, systemic antibiotics and NSAIDs were administered, and laser therapy was administered to the nasal cavity and sinuses at a dose of 6 J/cm2. A complete resolution was noted.

Fig. 1 – Initial digital thermal image, dorsal view of shoulders and thoracolumbar area.

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