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Diagnostic Tool for Fear Free® Pets

Welcome to the 21st century of pet care! If you are like 80% of pet owners today, your pet is more than part of your family, he is your furry child. In fact, if you are a millennial or generation Z pet owner, you probably splurge more on your pet than you do on yourself.

Baby-boomers love their pets, but the things that are important to the 21st century pet parent are much different. You have never lived in a world without technology, and you expect it to be used on your pet. Your cell phone is a way to communicate, but it also is an important tool to monitor and document everything that goes on in you and your pet’s daily life. You are conscientious about healthy choices for your pet, and seek out Fear Free® solutions for training, grooming and veterinary care.  You understand that proactively keeping your pet healthy and happy will lead them to a longer life and you would do anything to figure out what your pet is trying to tell you when It comes to their health.

Digital thermal imaging is a dream diagnostic tool for today’s pet owner. Today’s world is full of visual images, and thermal imaging provides your veterinarian with great insight into what might be going on inside your pet. It is a great way to see what your dog or cat may be trying to tell you!

Thermal imaging gives your veterinarian a clue to where to look further and allows them to easily share images with you so that you can understand any concerns. The Digatherm® veterinary thermal imaging system is quick, easy to use, and does not cause any stress for the pet. The thermal images help to create a roadmap for treatment, as changes can be tracked with subsequent images, which your veterinarian can share with you to follow your pet’s progress.

Use our website to find a veterinarian who is using Digatherm® in practice. Having thermal imaging as part of a yearly checkup is a proactive approach to health and wellness for your fear free pets.

“Made you look!” This Digatherm image is a great example of how thermal imaging can help veterinarians take a deeper look at their patients. Pet owners can easily visualize difference in symmetry and understand the need to look further.

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