Infrared Cameras, Inc. Survey Reveals Less Than 30 Percent of Healthcare Workers Feel Safe Going to Work

With an exclusive software system, tailored planning strategy and more than 25 years of industry experience, ICI is poised to assist healthcare facilities and organizations in mitigating biorisk and protecting workers from contracting the virus and employers from lawsuits. Learn how ICI can help your organization prepare for and lessen the burden of the current biorisk.

Infrared Cameras, Inc. Ensures the Safety of Logistics and Delivery Staff Amidst Record-Setting Online Holiday Shopping Season

With the anticipated record-setting increase in online holiday shopping, Infrared Cameras, Inc. (ICI), the leader in advanced temperature screening technology, is ensuring the health and safety of logistics and transportation staff. Click here for more.

Infrared Cameras, Inc. Creates Safer Environments for Patients, Visitors and Healthcare Workers with Advanced Temperature Screening Technology at Hospitals Nationwide

Temperature screenings are a frontline preventative measure, as elevated temperature is one of the first and easiest symptoms to identify. Click here for more.

News Release: Infrared Temperature Screenings to Expand Into Live Sports

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Beaumont, Texas – As states begin to reopen, teams all around the United States will likely begin recalling players. Infrared technology can play a crucial role in getting the sports industry back to work safely, according to Texas-based Infrared Cameras Inc. In shaping the new experience of sporting events post-COVID-19, temperature screening can lead to […]

News Release: ICI Steps Up to Prevent Spread of Coronavirus with Infrared Cameras and Report Building Software

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BEAUMONT, Texas — Infrared Cameras Incorporated (ICI), manufactures P and S Series IR Cameras, which provide accurate skin surface temperature readings from the first 1/1000th inch of epidermal layer; another product, IR Flash Software version 1.0, visualizes this data and allows for report building functionalities. These devices and software are intended for adjunct use with other […]

ICI Releases 3rd Generation of its Patented State-of-the-Art IR-Pad 640P Inspection and Reporting System for Handheld Infrared Applications, Merges 8640P with Microsoft Surface Pro

ICI is releasing the 3rd generation of its integrated long wave infrared camera and tablet system, the IR-Pad 640P. Click here for more.

ICI Reveals Ethernet-based FMX 320 and FMX 640 Infrared Cameras for Industrial Inspection and Scientific Research, Expanding to Security and Medical Fields

Infrared Cameras Inc has just launched its series of fixed mounted Ethernet based cameras which can be used for process control, research & development, machine vision, medical research, security, and more.