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Daytime UV Corona Cameras

Similar to our electrical infrared cameras, these Daytime UV Corona Cameras are used to inspect power lines. However, they are not infrared cameras, nor are they thermal cameras. Instead of visually displaying thermal energy, these Daytime Ultraviolet Cameras “see” high voltage corona, which is emitted only at voltages above 7000.

This high voltage energy emits ultraviolet (UV) light that these cameras detect. And in conjunction with a “solar blind” filter that allows them to work outside during the day and prohibits the sun from wiping out the image, these UV Cameras display a visual that could never be seen with the naked eye.

The aformentioned high voltage energy also ionizes nitrogen molecules in the air creating a small amount of nitric acid which, in the presence of moisture, causes high voltage power lines and high voltage insulators to fail due to corrosion. Ionization of these nitrogen molecules also producs an abundance of ozone gas which is dreadful for humans and animals to breath.

These cameras give any electrical inspector the ability to protect the environment and keep electrical power plants up-to-code, as well as save them money and time on costly repairs.

Contact us today for more information on how to implement these products as stand-alone productions or for integration in your already established system.

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