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LWIR Longwave Thermal Infrared Cameras

Longwave Infrared (LWIR) cameras capture light in the 8,000 nm to 14,000 nm (8 μm to 14 μm) spectral band and is the wavelength range most commonly detected by the average thermal imaging cameras on the market. The two most commonly used materials for uncooled detectors in the LWIR are amorphous silicon (a-Si) and vanadium oxide (VOx), while cooled detectors in this region are mainly HgCdTe.

Uncooled LWIR thermal imaging can be more affordable than cooled MWIR thermal imaging, as the sensors require less complex components and less ongoing maintenance.

According to Planck’s law, terrestrial targets emit mainly in the LWIR, which give LWIR cameras an advantage over MWIR and SWIR products when looking for various thermal energy in space.

LWIR Applications

LWIR systems applications include thermography / temperature control, predictive maintenance, gas leak detection, imaging of scenes which span a very wide temperature range (and require a broad dynamic range), imaging through thick smoke, fog, and many more.

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LWIR 7 μm to 14 μm