Thermal Imaging the New Solution for Veterinary Geriatric Patients

August 29, 2019
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Age is not a disease, but geriatric patients do have old problems.

Owners often attribute changes in geriatric pets to generalized aging, when the changes are instead a result of specific injuries, joint disease, or compensation.  Visualizing temperature changes in the affected areas with thermal images helps localize problems during examinations, and demonstrates the need for further diagnostics and treatment.

Lateral thermal images of a 6 year-old mixed breed dog with a left hind-limb lameness showing thermal asymmetry over the stifles. The highlighted zone on the left stifle had a temperature 1o F higher than the same zone over the right stifle. This corresponded with stifle instability noted during physical examination and reinforced the need for further diagnostics and therapy.

Thermal image of the same veterinary geriatric patient showing thermal asymmetry over the dorsal thoracolumbar muscles.  The highlighted zone on the right side had an average temperature of 88.1o F compared to a similar zone over the left side with an average temperature of 86.9o F.  This image suggested inflammation in the dorsal epaxial muscles secondary to offloading the left rear leg and established an additional site for further diagnostics and therapy.

Our digital thermal imaging system helps you pinpoint problems and create a visual roadmap that reinforces your diagnostic and treatment recommendations. Subsequent images help monitor patient response to therapy with objective temperature data.

To see how digital thermal imaging will improve your geriatric care, as well as inform and involve your clients, schedule a demo today.

*Thermal images courtesy of Dr. Julia Morrow, Family Pet Mobile Vet, Bolivar, Ohio*

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