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Educational White Papers

Infrared Cameras Inc has compiled together various academic and educational white papers that give an in-depth look into the world of infrared thermography.  Feel free to browse this ever-growing knowledgeable collection and let us know if you have any questions.
PDF2177.002A US Patent No. 9,880,552
PDFFloating Roof Report With ICI Software In 1 Minute
PDFICI Releases Multi-Sensor UAV Payloads For Industry
PDFInfrared Cameras Provide An Accurate, Low-Cost Diagnostic Tool For Veterinarians
PDFInfrared Thermography In The Evaluation Of Cleaning Interventions On Architectural Surfaces
PDFInfrared Camera Systems Can Help Stop The Spread Of Deadly Diseases Such As Ebola And SARS
PDFLow Stress Silicon Nitride Platform For Mid Infrared Broadband Monolithically Integrated Microphotonics
PDFMedical Thermal Imaging Disease Monitoring
PDFN.A.S.A. Tech Briefs February 2009
PDFPerformance And Heat Tolerance Of Water Buffaloes (Buffalypso) At Aripo Livestock Station, Trinidad – ICI ToughCam
PDFQualitative Vs Quantitative Infrared
PDFRoof Leaks Mold White Paper
PDFScanning Longwave Optical Test System New Ground Optical Surface Slope Test System
PDFSpectroscopic Imaging Of Serum Proteins Using Quantum Cascade Lasers
PDFThermal Remote Sensing Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Remote Sensing Platform Surface Stream Temps
PDFThermal Imager-Based Computer Vision For Autonomous Rendezvous And Docking
PDFThe Heat Is On Drone Magazine Interview With IRed Using ICI Thermal Cameras
PDFThe Effects Of Gain Integration Frame Rate And Optics On NETD In Microbolometer Infrared Camera Systems
PDFUncooperative Spacecraft Pose Estimation Using Infrared Camera During Proximity Operations
PDFUsing Thermal Infrared Cameras To Detect Avian Chicks Various Distances Vegetative Coverages
PDFUsing Thermal Infrared Cameras To Detect Avian Chicks Various Distances Vegetative Coverages – Infographic
PDFUAV Agriculture Regulations
PDFUAV First Aid Responder Commercial Enterprises
PDFVeterinarian White Paper – NOTES