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tank levels

vet exam at Wizard of Paws

small dog

electrical inspection

infrared image taken with T-Cam 80 P-Series


no moisture found near machines

definite signs of moisture inside inner wall

running circuit board

roof without any leaks

electrical inspection

electrical connections


electrical inspection

halogen light

solar panels

man hiding in bushes

oven at Great American Cookie Company

non-invasive mammogram

electrical transformer


Soda Springs Bridge

men inside doorway


no leaks on roof

florescent desk light

industrial motor


mall in Beaumont, TX

electrical connection

crowd of people

electrical inspection

electrical bus

dental inspection

no moisture seen on roof

circuit board

Santa and Children

propane stove top burner

mold in carpet

computer battery pack

Grand Canyon

internal motherboard

electrical bus bar

bulldog lying down


industrial tank level

Home for the Holidays

man’s face

gas leak

firefighter’s view using FX 160

equine at night

specific hot spots – electrical

“leaky” electrical connections

electronics inspection

aerial search & rescue

Bradford Lake

industrial flares

security footage – Las Vegas

security footage of hwy

leaky roof

visiting Santa

visiting Santa

overhead lighting

no leaks found

vein in woman’s leg

man with hand on forehead

man’s face

lightning arrester

isothermic electrical image

isothermic electrical image

isothermic electrical image

isothermic electrical image

isothermic electrical image of arrester

infrared image taken with IR Pad 640 P

infrared image taken with IR Pad 320

image taken with Duracam XT

no moisture entrapment


inner wall collecting moisture

electrical inspection

inflammation of ankles

image taken with FM640C



man breaking into car

heat distribution of palms

gas levels

electrical wiring

electrical transformer

electrical thermography image

electrical thermographic image

electrical infrared image

electrical image

electrical bus bar

dog’s paw

dental inspection

moisture inside inner wall

leaky section of roof

coffee break

child with arm injury

bulldog laying down

aerial view – SLU Soccer Field Missouri

aerial view – people near woodline

aerial view – Missouri

dog’s back

Wizard of Paws Infrared Exam of dog

Wizard of Paws Infrared Exam of dog

hot spot – eye

veins seen in horse’s chest


veins in hand


security footage – traffic

aerial view – Missouri

aerial view – creek mapping

aerial surveillance

Ship Canal Bridge

Washington Monument

Pike Place Market

Lincoln Monument

Oak Alley, Louisiana

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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