Gas DetectIR LW | Handheld QWIP Gas Leak Infrared Camera

  • The Gas DetectIR LW | Handheld MCT Gas Leak Infrared Camera is a high performance thermal imager capable of visualizing and accurately pinpointing the source of SF6 and other uncontained gases.
  • Features an HD OLED tilting viewfinder with a rotating 4.3” (640 x 480) LCD screen.
  • The camera is light weight, making it great for remote or convenient on-site observation.
  • The Gas DetectIR LW gas camera is rechargeable with 3 hours of continuous operation as well as USB 2.0 for charging.
  • HDMI video output and 60 seconds of voice annotation per image makes report creation a breeze.
  • Includes ICI Viewing Software.

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  • Unmatched Optical Gas Detection
  • 60 Seconds Voice Annotation per image
  • Detects over 15 gases (see "Detectable Gases" tab below)
  • Multiple video output options
  • Rotating 4.3” (640 x 480) LCD Screen
  • Tilting High-Definition Viewfinder
  • Rechargeable Battery (12V DC / AC)
  • Compact / Portable
  • 12 Color Palettes
  • ICI Reporting Software Included

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