ICI P Series IR Camera

  • The ICI P-Series IR Camera is a 30 Hz fixed mounted infrared camera with unmatched sensitivity and accuracy in a 640 x 512 radiometric imager.
  • Operating on 10 Watts of power via a POE (Power over Ethernet) connection, the P-Series IR Camera provides real time radiometric data streamed directly to any desktop, laptop, tablet or embedded system.
  • To be used adjunctively with another medical device.
  • Includes IR Flash version 1.0 Software.
  • Windows and Linux software, drivers and SDK are available for custom applications.

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  • Unmatched image sensitivity
  • Multi-Device Linking
  • Radiometric Data Streaming
  • Integrates into Embedded Systems
  • Windows and Linux Software
  • Small Size
  • Light Weight
  • Low Power
  • Drivers and SDK Available

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