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ICI Reporter | Professional Report Building Thermal Camera Software Download

Our ICI Reporter | Professional Report Building Software features a number of tools that make post process analysis simple with maximum flexibility. It is perfect for inspectors and preventative maintenance professionals who need to fuse infrared thermal images with text and graphics. This professional report writing software package gives an inspector the ability to create exceptional reports for both field and lab testing.

The core technology used in ICI systems is the latest in report building, and all control functionality is built into the software. This ensures versatility for any and all field and lab testing.

To see which camera would better suit your needs when combined with this software, please submit your information using the button below.

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  • Intuitive touch screen icons
  • Easy-to-use level and span functions
  • Myriad of analysis tools
  • Ability to save project data for future inspections, compare analysis
  • Streamlined reporting process with auto-generated reports
  • Ability to create intuitive annotations (notes)
  • Easily switch between color palettes, temperature ranges, and tools

Full Description

  • Thermal Camera Software Download
  • Multiple images can be placed on a single page with corresponding temperature data accompanying each image.
  • Images, text boxes, line profiles, 3D profiles and tables can be resized by simply grabbing the corner of the image and dragging the image to fill the entire page or reducing the image to the size of a thumbnail.
  • Images, text boxes, line profiles, 3D profiles and tables can all be picked up and placed anywhere on the report page.
  • Up to 99 temperature measurement points can be output from the infrared thermal image.
  • JPEG file format is instantly readable by any PC standard explorer program with previews before importing the captured image into ICI Reporter.
  • 11 Palettes are available to customize the user’s thermal images after downloading.
  • Image can be adjusted using auto gain or manual level and span.
  • Temperature meter measures temperatures anywhere on the downloaded image by placing a spot cursor directly on any pixel point in the image.
  • Text boxes allow any format text or type style to be placed in a resizable box for nearly unlimited reporting comments.
  • Emissivity, distance, relative humidity and background temperature correction.
  • 2 Isotherms to cover or “color-in” a user-specified span of temperature.
  • Up to 10 line profiles with temperature data from each individual image. These color coded profiles become more detailed as the user enlarges the line profile box.
  • 3D modeling gives the user a three dimensional framework for various temperatures within the image. This 3D model can be manipulated by grabbing the model with the mouse and rotating it on the images X or Y axis.
  • Multiple images can be placed together to create a mosaic or to build one large image out of a group of smaller images. Temperature data can be output from each of these images.
  • Full use of graphic tools to modify the overall appearance (color, line width, text color) of the report page.
  • ICI Reporter exports directly to MS Word.
  • Processor: i3 or above
  • RAM: 2 GB or above
  • OS: Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10
  • Hard Drive: 128 GB or above

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