Watcher P-Series | Onboard Fixed / Process Control Thermal Camera with Temperature Measurement

  • With an advanced high resolution 384 x 288 pixel detector, the ICI Watcher on-board thermal camera provides excellent night vision and image enhancement to help drivers identify objects when driving in darkness.
  • Features shake proof technology for clear images, internal heating system to prevent fog and ice on len’s surface, and real-time high resolution image display.
  • Light weight and compact design.
  • Easy installation as well as rich integration options.
  • Comes with IR Flash Software.

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  • Excellent Night Vision / Image Enhancement
  • Internal Heating System
  • Dust / Waterproof
  • Easy Installation / Integration
  • Low Power Consumption: ≤ 2.5 W
  • Low Weight: < 550 g
  • Auto Shake proof Process

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