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IR Flash Software version 1.0

Our IR Flash Software version 1.0 provides visualization and reporting functionalities and is intended for adjunctive use with our ICI P and S Series IR Cameras, which provides capture of skin surface temperature of any part of the body.  Together these products are intended for use as an adjunct to other clinical diagnostic procedures in the diagnosis, quantifying, and screening of relative skin surface temperature.  Environment of use: hospitals, sub-acute healthcare settings, public areas, i.e., airports.

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IR Flash Software version 1.0 features include:

  • Software is equipped with Select IR Color map allowing for complete control over the color palette for viewing black and white IR images in color scale.
  • Zoom function allows the zooming of the image data currently on screen.
  • Image Averaging averages all the images from the camera into a single displayed image. Simply enter the number of frames you want averaged.
  • IR Calculator provides the specialist a resources to determine the theoretical Radiometric effects of Emissivity, Reflection, and Transmission on radiometric temperature values. Additionally, the second half of the Calculator allows the user the ability to adjust imaging parameters from an optical point of view.
  • Maintenance allows the user an Image Touch Up feature which is a non-uniformity correction (NUC) operation.
  • Manual Capture allows the user to manually pause the continuous image display and show the image where the Pause button was pressed. The Capture button will capture an image from Live display and move it to the captured image group shown just below these buttons. Capture save and view unlimited images.
  • Image Display Controls fine-tune the way the images are presented on screen with automatic gain control, center and span controls.
  • File Control allows the user to bring images into the system and manage their display.
  • Radiometric Image Calibration is camera dependent. Temperature calibration data provided by an advanced factory calibration process and installed in IR Flash resulting in superior image calibration.
  • Generating Zones – Zones are regions of interest within or on your image data that are marked and configured by you. You can add, delete, and set-up each zone to function in variety of ways with a total of 48 possible zone settings. Plot both full image information in the form of a 3-D plot and as an image histogram. It also allows you to plot the temperature data over time for any/all of the zones placed on the image.
  • Export data within zones in Excel, CSV, raw data formats.
  • Adjust radiometric controls for each zone individually.
  • Alarms configuration for each zone allows you to set up the system for continuously monitoring. Alarms are triggered If any of the zones average temperature value exceed the temperature limits specified.
  • Capture a series of images within an automatic timed sequence with full playback capabilities.

IR Flash Software Version 1.0 Recommended System Requirements

  • Processor: i5 or above
  • RAM: 4 GB or above
  • OS: Windows 8/8.1/10
  • Hard Drive: 256 GB or above

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