IR-Pad 640 Industrial | Thermal Infrared Camera / Tablet System

  • The IR-Pad 640 Industrial Infrared Camera / Tablet System is a winning combination for capturing images in 640 x 480 pixel resolution quality.
  • This industrial camera is a superior thermal imaging product for indoor and outdoor work fields.
  • Featuring dual temperature ranges, the ultra rugged IR-Pad 640 Industrial uses our customized 8640 P-Series USB / UAV Infrared Camera to capture all of your thermal images and store them on a 2 GB hard drive.
  • The unbeatable design is capable of meeting any thermography needs you may encounter in the field of industrial services.
  • Includes our IR Flash Pro Software.

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  • IR Camera + Tablet System
  • Unparalleled Image Resolution
  • Dual Temperature Range
  • Widescreen Viewing
  • Rugged Tablet Protection
  • IR Flash Pro Software included
  • Bluetooth Connectability
  • Indoor / Outdoor Use
  • Adjustable Neckstrap and Stand
  • Portable

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