Mirage 320 P-Series | Fixed Mount Thermal Infrared Camera

NOTE: This product has been DISCONTINUED. Please see the upgraded version: Mirage 640 P-Series.
  • The Mirage 320 P-Series | Fixed Mount Thermal Infrared Camera is perfect for scientific laboratory applications, medical imaging or outdoor security.
  • The 320 x 256 Indium Antimonide detector provides the very best in quantum efficiency when compared with any other detector material.
  • Our heavy duty long life Stirling cooler was initially designed for space applications.
  • Its design life is double that of most coolers or cameras in the same class. Combine with our IR Flash Software that provides real time analysis and you have a very powerful tool.

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  • Detector: Indium Antimonide (cooled)
  • Pixel Array: 320 x 256
  • Frame Rate:
    • 33, 41, 54, 82 Hz P-Series
    • 9 Hz S-Series
  • USB for Power and Data
  • Battery: Li-ion, rechargeable for Power
  • Ethernet, NTSC for output
  • Light Weight
  • Low Power

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