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Photon Replicator Kit

  • The Photon Replicator Kit includes a Photon Replicator Board, as well as a wearsaver and rear cover, that emulates the 15-pin D-sub electrical interface to Photon 320.
  • A “horseshoe” shaped bracket is also included that, when attached to the Tau, exactly mimics the mounting scheme of the Photon 320 camera.

Please see the Tau 2 to request a quote including this accessory.

  • The Photon Replicator Kit was designed for the Tau 320.
  • Although the kit will work with the Tau 640, digital data cannot be passed through the wearsaver connector since more data lines are required for the 640 than the 320.
  • The remaining interfaces are compatible: power, analog video, communication.

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