T-Cam 160 P | Handheld Thermal Camera with Temperature Measurement

  • The ICI T-Cam 160 P is a must-have tool for any Contractor, Electrician, or Food Services Inspectors.
  • Maintain critical electrical and building infrastructure as well as cold storage and food service equipment.
  • Keep engines running within normal temperatures.
  • The handheld thermal imager has a 160 x 120  resolution infrared camera with a 3.5” Color LCD, 320 x 240 capacitive touchscreen.
  • The 60 seconds of voice recording and text annotation on images is an invaluable feature when working in the field.
  • Also, receive a FREE point radiometer with purchase!

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  • ICI Dual Vision - IR and Visible
  • Auto Hot / Cold Spot Markers
  • Dual Temperature Range
  • Touchscreen Display
  • 2 Lines, 3 Area Boxes, 3 Spots
  • Voice / Text annotation
  • Visible Light Digital Camera
  • LED Flashlight
  • Thumbnail View
  • Image Rotation
  • Software CD-ROM
  • ICI Reporting Software Included

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