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  • The FLIR Tau SDK allows customers the capability to integrate software that can communicate and perform camera functions.
  • There are 2 main components that comprise the FLIR Tau SDK: Windows Host SDK and Embedded Host SDKM.
  • The Windows Host SDK provides source code (C, C++), samples(C++, C# VB), and binaries (DLL’s) that aid customers in the development of camera integration software in a Microsoft Windows OS environment.
  • The Embedded Host SDK provides low level source code written in C, that allows the developer to integrate the SDK with the FLIR camera on a non-Windows OS. Standard driver interfaces are provided by the SDK source code, but the low level drivers (e,g UART) need to supplied by the developer.

Please see the Tau 2 to request a quote including this accessory.

  • The Tau Software Developer’s Kit (SDK part number enables camera control using one of several programming languages including VB6, VB.net, C#, and C++ (MFC).
  • Code examples are included to help illustrate how some of the camera control functions can be used.
  • The FLIR Camera Controller GUI is an example of an application created using the Tau SDK.

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