Trace IR35 Monocular | Handheld Scouting Thermal Infrared Camera

  • The ICI Trace IR35 Monocular is a handheld 384 x 288 resolution thermal imaging monocular with a 35 mm lens.
  • Small in size and lightweight, our uncooled monocular is portable and easy to operate.
  • Its waterproof, rugged design makes the Trace IR35 fit for all-weather reconnaissance and applications including scouting, hunting, search and rescue, anti-smuggling, and weapon sights requirements.
  • View images and take infrared images, record thermal videos, as well as watch live transmissions with your cell phone through a WiFi connection.
  • Includes an Brightness / Eye Relief Adjustment Knob and a 640 x 480 color LCD display for comfort and viewing convenience.
  • With a drop resistance of 1 meter and 5 hours of continuous operation, along with USB charging and a DC5V/2A External DC input, the Trace IR Monocular can go anywhere your job or hobbies take you.

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  • Superb Imaging
  • Color LCD Display, 640 x 480
  • Wifi Connectivity
  • Waterproof
  • 1 meter drop resistant
  • Hot spot tracking
  • Black Hot, White Hot, Red Hot
  • Eye Relief Adjustment Knob
  • Small Size
  • Lightweight
  • Electronic Zoom
  • USB Charging
  • Cross Hair & Laser Indicator
  • No Software Included

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