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Custom Designed Thermal Camera

At Infrared Cameras Inc we are always up for a challenge!  We can design and create your very own custom designed thermal camera and/or system. Our highly trained staff of thermographers are always willing to work with researchers to help them determine the best possible thermal imaging solution for their particular application.

Our engineering office, located in Beaumont, Texas, is a state of the art facility allowing our engineering staff to calibrate as well as build custom cameras and repair infrared cameras.

Texas Petrochemical Flare Monitoring with ICI Centurion in Enclosure

Our most recent project is a flare monitor for a local petrochemical company. The set up is an enclosure system that includes our ICI Centurion fixed with a 200mm lens and our professional analysis software complete with alarming zones.

The system monitors flares and pilots continuously to ensure that the pilots on the flare are burning, keeping the company within EPA regulations. The system can also detect when valves have been left open, saving the company lost product. The system can detect back burning in the flare tip system, which can potentially destroy the flare and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair.

Fourteen Thermal Camera Systems monitoring Chevron-Texaco Vessels

Our largest custom project has been online for more than six years monitoring a Chevron-Texaco-designed gas separation system in Texas. The system consists of 14 infrared cameras, the largest such system of its time, and it has run continually without error.

One of our infrared camera services at work for the Chevron-Texaco monitoring system

Thermal remote sensing of tidal flat bathymetry and circulation

For this project the University of Washington fitted a Cessna with an ICI 7320 for aerial infrared mapping of tidal flat bathymetry and circulation. Tidal flats exhibit strong thermal gradients due to mixing water masses, solar heating, and latent/sensible heat flux. During a pilot experiment in August 2008, the thermal signal of the Skagit Bay tidal flats in northwest Washington State was measured using airborne and tower-based long-wave infrared imaging.

For C. Chickadel and J. Thomson
Applied Physics Laboratory
University of Washington, Seattle

Oshkosh Fire Search and Rescue Vehicle Equipped with ICI Centurion Pan and Tilt Unit

Search and rescue vehicles require thermal imaging equipment for extremely hazardous situations where reliability and accuracy can mean the difference between life and death. Thermal imaging cameras help rescue teams find hotspots, victims, and visually interpret any firefighting situation in real time.



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