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Thermal Camera Repair

Infrared Cameras Inc offers a full thermal camera repair facility at our Beaumont, Texas office, which enables ICI to offer services from simple calibration checks to the refurbishment and repair of most major parts and “flir” (forward looking infrared) thermal cameras. We can repair any ICI camera that has exceeded its warranty as well as some other manufacturer’s cameras. Whenever possible, we will provide a loaner camera for ICI cameras still covered under warranty.

Cameras we can repair include: ICI, Dali, Flir, Agema, Mikron, Inframetrics, Land, IRcon, Raytheon, DRS, BAE, Fluke, Indigo, Avio, NEC, ISI, Infrared Solutions, Electrophysics, Jenoptik, Cincinnati Electronics, Barnes, Hughes, Xenics, SCD, Santa Barbara Focal Plane, Irisys, Scott, Bullard, Drager, Guide, SAT, and more.

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