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ISO 13154 & Your Return
to Work Policy

March 17th, 2021
10:00am or 2:00pm PT

In the midst of Covid-19 companies have looked into implementing
medical devices in order to prevent the spread of infection within their
workplace. Learn how you can properly deploy, implement and operate
thermal imaging cameras to ensure that your employees return to work
quickly and safely while meeting ISO standards.

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What is ISO 13154?

ISO 13154 sets the standard for Medical Devices – deployment,
implementation and operations guidelines for identifying febrile humans
using screening thermograph intended to be used for non-invasive febrile
temperature screening of individuals under indoor environmental
conditions to prevent the spread of infection.

Among other takeaways,
this webinar will help you discover:

1. What ISO 13154 is and how it extends beyond
medical devices

2. How it can help your company quickly and
safely return to work

3. The benefits and compliance requirements
for this global standard

4. How this quality assurance is critical for
thermal imaging

…and more!

Our Speaker

Peter Baird

brings extensive healthcare strategy to the webinar, including eleven years at McKinsey & Company and tenure as a board member of Catalent Pharma Solutions and East Pharma. Most recently, Peter is CFO of Infrared Cameras, Inc., the manufacturer of thermal imaging systems with over twenty years experience that counts Johns Hopkins, Texas Children’s Hospital and Cedars Sinai as its major healthcare customers.

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