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Handheld Thermal Cameras

Handheld Thermal Cameras

We supply multiple handheld thermal cameras to meet your needs. Whether it is for temperature screening, industrial, electrical, electronics, scientific, inspection, building, or energy audits we have a handheld thermographic camera solution.

Our systems are backed by years of experience educating the public in all things infrared. With all of our camera systems, you’ll receive everything you need to use our high definition thermal imaging camera. This can include a carrying case, report building software, and other accessories.

Not sure which handheld infrared camera would suit your specific circumstance the best? Read through our FAQs for some helpful tips on choosing the right handheld thermal imaging camera or contact our knowledgeable staff for more information.





    Temperature Range

    Pixel Resolution


    Frame Rate

    Field of View

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    How to use Infrared Cameras?

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    Want to protect your infrared solutions?

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