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Home Inspections & Energy Audit

Home Inspection Infrared Camera Solutions

Whether it’s an air leak, a gap in insulation, or moisture hiding in a wall, what home inspectors look for isn’t always easy to see with the human eye. That’s why professional inspectors rely on home inspection infrared cameras. Infrared home inspection tools pinpoint invisible safety and energy-wasting defects. They provide the utmost accuracy and speed to any inspection or home energy audit.

ICI’s highly sensitive infrared solutions are here to help set homeowners up for success. Our versatile infrared cameras create high-quality heat maps that can spot a variety of home and energy issues. They make it quick and easy to identify moisture, air leaks, heat loss, poor insulation, bad electrical systems, and other defects. Guarantee the best for your clients, and give them a more thorough, more valuable inspection or energy audit with infrared home inspection equipment.


What is a residential energy audit?


Home energy audits assess how your home uses energy. Professional auditors will ask you questions, look at energy bills, and do a room-by-room inspection. The goal is to determine where and how much energy you are wasting. You can then identify which improvements and upgrades will make your home the most efficient and save you money. Common energy-wasters include air leaks, lighting, gaps in insulation, furnaces, heat loss, and HVAC issues.

Energy auditors use a variety of tools to locate defects, including energy audit infrared cameras. Infrared is unique in that it provides a visualization. We can see where air is escaping, where moisture is intruding, or where insulation is insufficient. By creating a temperature map of the scanned area, infrared reveals abnormally hot or cold streams or spots. It gives an auditor concrete information as to where energy is being lost and saves everyone time and money.


What is the best thermal imaging camera for home inspection?

When it comes to ensuring homes are safe and efficient, the best infrared camera for home inspection is the most accurate one. Many infrared tools only allow for qualitative inspections. These thermal maps only provide inspectors and clients with an image. They don’t include exact data and don’t include variables like reflection in their reports. More accurate, data-driven infrared cameras allow for quantitative inspections. These cameras use a temperature reference device to factor the environment into their reports.  

ICI’s innovative home inspection infrared cameras provide quantitative data and insight. They allow for high-accuracy inspections and energy audits. Devices like our handheld T-Cam 80 Builder come specially calibrated for building applications. These high-resolution cameras use temperature references and allow for customizable emissivity. They go beyond other infrared cameras so that you can detect defects and create reports with confidence.


Detects excess energy loss quickly


Increases comfort and resale value


Expert advice and customer support


Increases the value of inspection services

Find the right home inspection infrared camera.

Handheld Thermal Cameras

ICI’s portable handheld solutions make home inspections fast and convenient. Highly accurate, these infrared tools allow you to catch air leaks, moisture, and other defects with confidence. Our top-notch reporting tools make it easy to communicate with clients and increase the value of any home inspection or energy audit.

Unmanned Thermal Cameras

ICI’s unmanned, aerial solutions allow you to inspect homes and damages from above. Home inspection infrared cameras mounted to drones detect pest invasion, leaks, and deterioration. They provide a thorough and top-quality inspection to homeowners.

Where can you utilize infrared cameras for home inspection?


Insufficient insulation is a prime reason for energy loss. Infrared home energy audits reveal issues in insulation without costly removal or destruction.

Air and Heat Flow
construction workers using handheld infrared camera
men working on AC unit

Benefits of Infrared Electrical Inspection

The average household spends more on their energy bill than the energy they actually use. Bad installations or deterioration over time can be costly both in the short and long term, as they also reduce the resale value of a home. Beyond costs, unaddressed defects can cause discomfort and health risks. Moisture infestation can turn to mold, or cause a home to be harmfully humid.

Infrared residential energy audits visualize otherwise invisible energy drains and safety hazards. They spot issues early and accurately, allowing for preventative maintenance without costly removal. Infrared solutions eliminate the guesswork. They save time by enabling homeowners to focus upgrades on the areas that will save them the most. They are fast and stress-free ways to improve the quality of life and the value of a home.


  • Accurately assess the value of a potential home.
  • Understand the usage of energy in your home.
  • Identify where you can be saving energy.
  • Improve the health and safety of your home.
  • Increase comfort.
  • Save time and labor.

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Understand your home with ICI's home inspection infrared cameras.

ICI’s high-accuracy sensors ensure that no energy-wasting defect or safety hazard goes unnoticed. Backed by our expert advice and support, you can be confident in providing homeowners and clients with the best infrared has to offer. Learn more about how ICI’s home inspection infrared cameras can improve the value of any home inspection or energy audit service.

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