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A Note on the Coronavirus and Infrared Cameras

Your health and safety is a high priority. ICI is in compliance with CDC regulations and safety procedures.
Until further notice, we are open for business as usual. We continue to provide the most accurate medical grade cameras.

Educating the public on the role of infrared cameras in deterring the spread of the coronavirus is our top priority. Infrared camera buyers need to seek training and familiarize themselves with ISO/TR 13154 standards. These regulations provide guidelines for the deployment, implementation and operation of an infrared device intended for non-invasive skin temperature screening of individuals under indoor environmental conditions. Educate employees who use devices on infrared system operations and standards to prevent the spread of infections.

Cleanliness is also important. The CDC recommends the following methods:

  • Wash your hands;
  • Don’t touch your face;
  • Stay home when you are sick;
  • Refrain from excessive contact;
  • Care for open wounds;
  • Stay hydrated, and
  • Disinfect surfaces.
As an initial effort to help curb the spread of COVID-19 ICI donated 500 point radiometers to local and foreign authorities .
In house efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus include employee skin temperature screening, UV sterilization before shipping, and stringent cleaning protocols.
ICI believes that education and constant vigilance is the best path to success.


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