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Intelligent Temperature Screening Solution

Detect Potentially Febrile Individuals with ICI's SmartIR Biorisk Platform

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Efficient Individualized Screening for Elevated Body Temperatures, commonly found in COVID-19 and other transmissible diseases 

Accurate Onsite Temperature Screening

Leverage Thermal Imaging to Quickly & Accurately Measure Body Temperature

Customizable Screening Solution

ICI offers dozens of camera options, including interactive kiosks or small, discreetly mounted cameras. ICI experts will work with you to design the ideal solution for your desired screening process.

Highly Accurate Temperature Readings

ICI’s cameras are accurate to within 0.1 – 0.3° Celsius, leveraging top quality internal sensors, sophisticated software, leading optics, and a calibrated temperature reference.
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Stream Key Data to SmartIR Biorisk Platform

Leverage Data Insights to Improve Operational and Safety Processes

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Multifaceted Analytics & Customizable Dashboards

Set KPIs and benchmarks to identify deviations before they cause disruptions. Dashboards are entirely customizable to fit your organizational structure and processes, communicating the most relevant data to each user.

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Real-time, Automated Notifications

Instantly communicate when a febrile individual is identified to team members to proactively identify and mitigate issues before they cause a potential outbreak within your facility

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On-Site or Remote Video Monitoring

Access data points and live video feeds from the thermal cameras from anywhere with an internet connection. Monitor a single camera on a facility's premises, or dozens of cameras across multiple locations.

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Seamless Integration with VMS and BI Systems

Seamlessly integrate into organizational systems and processes, including most access control and VM systems

How It Works

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Thermally screen individuals for elevated body temperatures

Stream key data points to ICI's proprietary SmartIR Biorisk Platform

Leverage insights to improve internal operational and safety processes

How ICI helps businesses measure and contain Biorisk

Avoid Operational Disruption

Avoid employee downtime and operational disruptions like factory closures and shuttering of distribution centers. Deliver peace-of-mind as you create a safer workplace.

Communicate Risk and Measure Progress

Measure and communicate risk across your organization. Seamlessly provide your safety, security and health officers measurable benchmarks to report on progress across your company.

Manage Litigation Exposure & Corporate Liability

The Wall Street Journal calls it, “a tsunami of COVID-19 litigation,” as employees claim companies don’t do enough to protect them. Invest in a comprehensive strategy to measure and contain biorisk across your offices, factories and distribution centers.


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