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Intelligent Condition Monitoring for Critical Assets in Manufacturing

AI-Powered Thermal Imaging & Software for Asset Reliability and Performance Monitoring

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Why SmartIR?

SmartIR provides holistic coverage of critical mechanical and electrical assets in distribution facilities and warehouses, including conveyance systems, bearings, gearboxes, motors, critical power assets, and more. 

Optimize predictive maintenance and reliability for critical assets, leveraging SmartIR’s AI-powered software to determine asset failure timelines and causes

Avoid operational downtime and stagnant worker wages by identifying asset issues early and making repairs during scheduled downtime

Maximize asset lifespan and limit repair and replacement costs by identifying failing or underperforming assets at the earliest stages

Limit safety incidents caused by facility fires, burns caused by overheating assets, and injuries caused by critical failures


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Thermal Technology in Manufacturing 

Thermal imaging technology is an indispensable tool in modern manufacturing facilities. By harnessing the power of infrared imaging and sensing technologies, these facilities can efficiently monitor and detect temperature variations in machinery, equipment, and critical processes. SmartIR takes thermal technology to the next level, leveraging a generative AI-powered algorithm to provide real-time identification of potential mechanical and electrical asset issues, such as overheating, mechanical stress, or abnormal energy consumption. The technology enables a proactive and predictive approach to asset reliability and, in doing so, greatly minimizes operational downtime, employee safety incidents, and equipment failures. The integration of thermal imaging in manufacturing facilities enhances asset reliability, improves operational productivity, and better informs employee safety measures, making it an invaluable asset in the pursuit of efficient and sustainable manufacturing practices.

Why SmartIR?

SmartIR provides continuous conditioning and performance monitoring for critical mechanical and electrical assets in manufacturing operations, including motors, bearings, gearboxes, ovens, and more. With SmartIR, organizations are able to ensure that assets perform optimally and are instantly alerted to condition anomalies detected through the software. SmartIR is also a critical tool for early fire detection and other employee safety hazards.

Optimize predictive maintenance and reliability for critical assets

Avoid operational downtime and stagnant worker wages

Maximize asset lifespan and limit repair and replacement costs

Limit safety incidents and facility fires

Using SmartIR in Manufacturing Facilities


SmartIR allows organizations to optimize motor performance and enhance associated safety measures in their manufacturing operations. Leveraging a continuous stream of temperature datapoints from thermal cameras and sensors, SmartIR continuously monitors the condition and performance of motors. SmartIR leverages its proprietary algorithms to identify temperature anomalies and sequential temperature changes, comparing the temperature readings against normal operating temperatures. In doing so, SmartIR streamlines the predictive maintenance and performance optimization of motors throughout a manufacturing operation. performance optimization of motors in conveyance systems, pumps and compressors, packaging machinery, and more.


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16.9-conveyor-belt_High-resConveyor Belts

SmartIR users thermal imaging and sensing technology to identify temperature anomalies in conveyor belts, indicating potential issues such as abnormal friction, blockages, or overheating. SmartIR establishes a baseline thermal profile for a properly functioning conveyor belt and compares real-time temperature readings to the reference data. Any deviations help identify and diagnose problems such as misaligned or damaged rollers, belt slippage, material spillage, over tightened belts, fire risks, or other imminent maintenance needs. By identifying these problems early, users can prevent equipment failures, fires, or other hazards throughout the manufacturing facility.


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Control-RoomCritical Power

SmartIR streamlines critical power management in manufacturing operations by detecting temperature anomalies and hotspots in critical electrical equipment and systems. These temperature data points are leveraged by SmartIR's AI-powered algorithm to identify asset reliability and employee safety concerns at the earliest possible stage, thereby minimizing unexpected failures and potential safety hazards. Leveraging deep analytics, SmartIR enables precise, predictive maintenance strategies for electrical assets, thereby extending asset lifespan and reducing repair costs. With SmartIR, manufacturing operations are able to maintain reliable power supply, minimize disruptions, and reduce operational costs.


Learn How SmartIR Can Optimize Asset Reliability & Employee Health and Safety Programs in Manufacturing

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Using SmartIR in Distribution Facilities

Conveyor Belts

Discuss your facilities' critical assets and systems with an ICI expert to determine the applications most appropriate for continuous monitoring. Discuss current challenges, KPIs, and current maintenance processes.

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Using SmartIR in Distribution Centers

SmartIR quickly identifies  issues in electrical and mechanical assets before they cause a critical failure

In distribution centers and warehouses, handheld thermal cameras have been used by maintenance professionals for facility and asset inspections for decades. However, calendar-based inspections with handheld infrared cameras often miss failing systems or components and lack historical comparison data needed to identify assets that are wearing out and are prone to upcoming failure. This is especially true with complex assets in warehouses and distribution centers such as conveyor belts, motors, bearings, gearboxes, and certain electrical components. For assets that support critical operations and whose downtime is costly, continuous condition monitoring with SmartIR is the optimal solution.

Imaging Solutions

Fixed Mounted Solutions Paired with SmartIR

ICI offers dozens of thermal and acoustic imaging solutions that integrate with the SmartIR Platform. These solutions will serve as the data acquisition devices that inform your SmartIR platform and provide continuous temperature and asset condition data points. An ICI expert will work with your team to recommend the best solutions for your manufacturing operations.


Early Fire Detection at Electric Vehicle Battery Plant

Leading American automobile manufacturer leverages ICI's SmartIR software to continuously monitor stored batteries in manufacturing facilities, preventing multiple facility fires.

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Fire Detection at Sawmill for Wood & Paper Manufacturer

After a fire caused a shutdown of their sawmill, large wood and paper manufacturer  partnered with ICI to implement SmartIR for early fire detection and critical asset monitoring.

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Upgrading Predictive Maintenance for Distribution Facility

ICI helped leading online retailer overcome regular unplanned downtime in their distribution facilities caused by unexpected failures of critical equipment such as conveyor belts, motors, and bearings.

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