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ICI Partner Program

ICI Partner Program

Help Customers Combat Current and Future Bio-risk Threats

Join forces with Infrared Cameras Inc (ICI), the leader in advanced temperature screening technology, by becoming a member of ICI’s new Partner Program. This program is designed to unite best-in-class integrators and solution providers that recognize the need for bio-risk management processes and provide an effective way to help their customers mitigate the current bio-risk threat, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

What joining ICI’s Partner Program can do for you

ICI’s Partner Program will empower your business to streamline and accelerate the path-to-market of ICI’s award-winning infrared cameras system, widely regarded as a cornerstone of an effective bio-risk management strategy. As businesses across the country recognize the urgent need for bio-risk threat mitigation, ICI’s Partner Program would be giving your company yet another avenue to help its customers quickly and economically address the challenges they are facing.

As a member of ICI’s Partner Program, your company will have the ability to leverage the following services:

  • Above-market incentives for solution providers to learn, position, sell and support ICI’s suite of infrared cameras and bio-risk solutions
  • Market development funds to cover the costs of marketing ICI solutions to partners’ installed base of accounts
  • Deal registration services to protect each partner’s most important and strategic accounts and encourage close collaboration

As many of your company’s valued customers struggle to adequately protect workers, its partnership with ICI signals your company’s dedication to providing a means to put the health and safety employees above all else. ICI’s cutting-edge thermal screening technology quickly identifies one of the first signs of COVID-19—elevated temperature—with the highest accuracy of any thermal screening technology on the market.



Above-market incentives


Market development funds


Deal registration services


Dedicated sales resource


Help businesses mitigate risk

Businesses are already facing financial losses and uncertainty spurred by the pandemic, making it more critical than ever for companies to protect themselves against possible employee lawsuits from those who contracted the virus in the workplace. The most effective way to mitigate the risk of legal action is get ahead of the threat by deploying leading technologies to safeguard the health of their workforces, such as onsite infrared cameras.

“When it comes to helping our customers protect their businesses, we believe the best defense is a good offense,” said Gary Strahan, CEO and Founder of Infrared Cameras Inc. “We facilitate our customers’ access to the very best technologies to address their ever-evolving needs, and joining ICI’s Partner Program illustrates that commitment by offering a solution that proves their dedication to investing in solutions to protect their employees—which in turn, safeguards their business.”

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Offer customers a solution

In early 2020, few organizations believed they needed a comprehensive bio-risk management strategy—much less had taken action to develop such a plan. Mere months later, that need was clear, but businesses were far from prepared to address it. Having provided businesses, healthcare facilities and schools with thermal screening technology to combat bio-risk over the course of 25 years —including H1N1, SARS, Ebola and more—ICI was prepared to help organizations create an effective bio-risk management strategy at the very onset of COVID-19. In turn, through ICI’s Partner Program, ICI is empowering its partners to offer customers a solution to combat the most dangerous bio-risk of our generation.



We can’t do enough to address the demand from manufacturers, schools, airports and Fortune 500 companies during this unprecedented time, which is why we created ICI’s Partner Program.

This program allows us to work with best-in-class solution providers, like yourself, on the forefront of helping businesses adopt cutting edge technology to reduce the threat of bio-risk.

– Gary Strahan, CEO/Founder of Infrared Cameras Inc

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Temperature screening has been made important to the world, as of late. But it’s been our focus since 1995. We’re a global force in protecting people through advanced technology.

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