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Office Safety and Health with Infrared

Workplace Temperature Screening safeguards your business

Infrared Cameras, Inc. solutions manage biorisk in the workplace to assist with the urgent need for offices and businesses to get back to work. 3.3 million owners have lost their businesses from February to April, the largest loss recorded to date. While 31% of workers began working from home during this time, small businesses reported a 39% decrease in employment since January. An estimated 35.1 million employees could be out of the job if the crisis continues into 2021. For many workplaces, the ability to reopen is critical to the financial survival of their staff and business as a whole. 

Times are changing and we are here to adapt with them to make sure office safety and health remain a priority. We are committed to working through the added needs of COVID-19. Our biorisk management solutions provide a safer return to work. Monitor infection and protect yourself from liability lawsuits with infrared employee health screening. Our biorisk management solutions make it simple with thermal cameras to fit every size business and enterprise services for set up, ongoing education, and support. Protect the health and safety of employees and safeguard corporate liability with easy-to-integrate workplace temperature screening.

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Benefits of infrared employee health screening in offices

ICI is here to help offices and businesses manage biorisk and get back to work safer. Prioritize office safety and health with our employee temperature check solutions. We offer:

  • Single-operator and self-service options to fit your needs
  • Reasonably priced solutions for any size business
  • Optional declaration forms for data collection
  • Security for sensitive information and images
  • Touchless screen options in our kiosk solutions
  • Facial detection and recognition for fast employee screening
  • Easy to understand light, audio, e-mail, and text alerts
  • Centralized monitoring of all cameras from one location
  • Badging for access control to areas or buildings
  • Increased safety to shield the company from liability lawsuits
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    Applications for Office Safety and Health Solutions

    Main and Employee Entrances
    Contain potential infection risks at the door with ICI’s biorisk solutions. Follow recommended protocol with fixed-mount infrared systems for high traffic areas.
    Co-working Office Spaces
    Conference Rooms

    Office health and safety hazards FAQs

    What measures can I take to make the workplace safer?

    Reduce health and safety risks in an office by assessing the workspace for areas where infection might spread. Follow CDC guidelines for implementing controls. The CDC recommends two types: changes in workplace engineering, and changes in how employees interact. 

    Engineering adjustments include spacing out desks for distancing, using barriers, and improving ventilation. Workday controls include shift staggering, disinfection, and asking staff to stay home when sick. The CDC recommends employee temperature checks as a way to help identify employees with potential symptoms. ICI’s highly accurate screening solutions contain and measure biorisk in an office. These solutions also ensure that sensitive information and images remain private, further protecting workers.

    How do I create an office safety and health checklist?

    To adjust to the threat of COVID-19, businesses should create or update their office health and safety checklists. The CDC recommends starting with building evaluations for office health hazards before reopening. This is especially important for offices that have remained closed for a significant amount of time. You should then identify any areas in the workplace where infection could spread, such as common areas. Create a plan to address these areas that suits the size, cost, and flow of your business.

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