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Thermal Solutions

What is a thermal camera?

Thermal cameras, along with other thermal solutions, are sophisticated devices that give users a quick, precise visual of energy emitted from an object. Within seconds, a thermal imaging camera collects data, calculates temperature, and generates an image that depicts the faintest heat signature differences clearly in vibrant color.

Thermal Solution Uses

A myriad of professionals committed to keeping people safe and secure, use a thermographic camera. Here are just a few examples of effective thermal solution uses:

  • Arenas & Stadiums: Safety personnel can temperature screen thousands of fans entering a football stadium.
  • Security, Search & Rescue: Firefighters can effectively locate danger and victims for search and rescue efforts. Law enforcement and security officers can easily identify intruders hiding under the cover of night.
  • Electrical & Building Science: Contractors and electricians can detect leaks or structural flaws within buildings.
  • Medical: Medical professionals can quickly assess injuries and screen temperatures to identify individuals who could potentially be ill.
  • Animal Control: Farmers can locate dangerous predators hidden by dense forest or foliage and count their cattle at night.

What are the Benefits of Thermal Imaging Cameras and other Thermal Solutions?

One of the greatest advantages of using thermal imaging cameras is seeing what is invisible to the naked eye. Blocked views and darkness don’t
inhibit the results — in fact, thermal security cameras can be used in 
zero light situations.

Thermal imaging is passive and does not emit any radiation. Not only are these non-contact devices safe to use, they help ensure safety.
Dangers like high heat, mold, illness are no match for its power of detection. 

Infrared temperature measurement instruments

Infrared Cameras Inc offers an array of many types of thermal imaging cameras and other thermal solutions for skin temperature measurement and more. We provide software and equipment for detecting elevated temperatures, as well as multiple other useful functions.

ICI has devices with 0.1 to 0.2 ℃ accuracy, as well as some fixed and handheld systems achieving accurate to 0.3 ℃, 0.5 ℃ and 0.8 ℃ accuracy.

Types of Thermal Solutions

Handheld Thermal Cameras

These devices are perfect for on-the-go inspections and temperature screens. Applications include industrial, electrical, medical, electronics, scientific, inspection, building or energy audits.

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Fixed Thermal Cameras
USB Infrared Cameras
Infrared Drones
Camera Cores

Why Choose ICI’s Thermal Imagers?

There is a reason why so many leading companies and institutions trust ICI — we are pioneers of technology that meets the highest industry standards.

We have been a clear industry leader in thermal cameras since 1995 and are proud to be veteran-owned and based in the USA.

Common questions from our customers.

Below are some commonly asked questions regarding thermal cameras.

What is thermal imaging?

Thermal imaging falls under the category of infrared imaging science. A thermographic camera uses heat emitted off of an object to present a picture. This technology visualizes the heat to measure the infrared energy of an object. Thermal imaging measures heat rather than light.


What do thermal cameras detect?

Thermal cameras are temperature measurement tools, detecting energy that is invisible to the naked eye. Each pixel detects heat energy radiating from an object and displays it as an image. Each color in the image corresponds to a unique temperature range.

In terms of temperature screening, thermal cameras do not detect or diagnose illnesses. They do, however, identify anyone with a higher than normal skin temperature, which may be indicative of an illness or contagious disease.

What are the types of thermal imaging cameras?

Distinct differences in thermal imaging cameras result in a wide variety of types. From fixed mount and handheld cameras to drone mountable technology, different cameras suit different needs. Infrared Cameras Inc. is a leader in thermography. Operating since 1995, we manufacture thermal imaging cameras to fit industry specifications.


What is the best thermal camera?

ICI’s FM 640 Infrared Camera is our premier thermal camera for temperature screening. Not only does it boast high-tech facial recognition software, but it also yields quick and accurate results.

How accurate is thermal imaging?

The level of accuracy depends on the specific device. ICI’s thermal cameras are accurate to a fraction of 1 degree Celsius.

Find Your Perfect Thermal Solution

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