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Energy Drone + Robotics Summit


Date & Time:

4:00PM 06/20/22 CST


12:00PM 06/22/22 CST


Booth #301

Houston, Texas

The Woodlands Waterway Marriott

Infrared Solutions

Thermal Imaging for Unmanned Systems 

Our high-grade unmanned cameras can be mounted on any drone, robot, or UAV making access to hard-to-reach areas possible. Infrared drones easily monitor areas from a bird’s eye view adding a convenient solution for large commercial buildings, wind farms, solar farms, and more. All large or potentially unsafe areas can now be covered by self-stabilizing drones or robots, offering effective, high-quality thermal imaging in more locations.

  • Real time notifications and alerts
  • Improve predictive maintenance
  • Prevent major safety threats
  • Multifaceted analytics and customizable dashboards 

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Multi-Sensor UAV Payload
Our thermal cameras are mountable to any drone, UAS, UAV, or multicopter platform as well as helicopters and small planes. 

UAV Drones
Self-stabilized and relatively easy to fly. They have a range of 1 to 1.5 miles and maintain their position in space accurate to 1 meter to 2 meters of space. 

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