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Optical Gas Imaging

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Infrared Drones



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Research & Development

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Building Science

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Hunting & Animal Control

Benefits of ICI's infrared cameras

High accuracy infrared cameras
ICI's cameras are accurate to a fraction of one degree Celsius. Top quality internal sensors, sophisticated software, and leading optics make this possible.
Solutions for every industry
Trusted training & support
Veteran owned since 1995
Image of woman getting screened at the airport for skin temperature
Image of woman getting screened at the airport for skin temperature
Image of woman getting screened at the airport for skin temperature
Image of woman getting screened at the airport for skin temperature

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Lady walking in airport getting temp scanned

The New Normal: Temperature Screening at Airports

It looks as though COVID-19 is here to stay. With our lifestyles so drastically altered over the last several months, there is a growing sense of public restlessness. Industries worldwide are developing new technologies and procedures to get back to normal without sacrificing safety. The travel industry is no excepti
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July 6, 2020
illustration of people using infrared camera

3 Important Thermal Camera Questions For Reopening Businesses

As schools and businesses reopen, leaders have a lot of questions about how to do so safely. Temperature screening is an efficient and accurate precaution for enhancing safety. Infrared thermometers are a popular choice for reopening businesses, but thermal cameras offer the best, most accurate, and safest option for screening temperatures.
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July 6, 2020
5 Location to Place thermal cameras

Thermal Imaging Uses in 5 Key Locations

Many businesses are using handheld temperature guns to scan their customers' forehead from a distance of only a couple centimeters. However, these are not always efficient for large buildings with high occupancies and a constant influx of visitors. This is where many decision-makers are turning to thermal cameras.
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July 6, 2020

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