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ICI's cameras are accurate to a fraction of one degree Celsius. Top quality internal sensors, sophisticated software, and leading optics make this possible.
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Top Employer Guidelines for a Safer Return to Work

As states adapt their COVID-19 restrictions, business owners strategically prepare for a safer return to work. For many, reopening is tantamount to survival.  3.3 million owners lost their businesses from February to April alone.
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July 6, 2020

Temperature Screening Hospitality Guidelines for Safer Stays

The coronavirus outbreak has and continues to reshape when people leave their homes. Canceled vacations and closed businesses are costing over $46 billion in room revenue. Projections place overall losses at 50% for 2020. This also impacts a reported 4.8
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How Hospital Service has Changed to Slow COVID-19 Spread

In the COVID-19 outbreak, the country has looked to our healthcare system with increased interest. As we stayed home to flatten the curve, we relied on doctors, nurses, and hospital staff to keep patients and visitors safe.  Now months in, changes in hos
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July 6, 2020