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Infrared for the Energy Industry

See invisible energy and gas.

There are endless ways to apply infrared cameras for the energy industry. From optical gas imaging to temperature measurement, thermal cameras visualize important industry functions in ways the human eye cannot.

Thermal cameras produce images and results in real-time, increasing operational efficiency for industry leaders. Thermal imaging cameras help you detect the presence of gases and fugitive emissions, making it easy to isolate the source of potential gas leaks. Additionally, the technology makes it easy to perform a wide range of tasks in the energy industry, such as monitoring tank levels, checking wind turbine components, identifying hot spots on machinery, and so much more.

Preventative inspections with thermal cameras help you catch issues and faults before they become expensive or dangerous problems. Thermal imaging technology for the energy industry helps you operate more efficiently, prevent loss, save capital, and reduce environmental impact.

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Infrared Camera options for the Energy Industry.

ICI’s infrared energy systems are highly accurate and adaptable to all diverse situations needed in the energy sector.
ICI has a tool for you, from oil and gas to renewable energy.


Unmanned Infrared Systems

Aerial Drones are ideal for thermal building inspections. No need to scale tall buildings or bridges, these cameras have a long range and are a breeze to fly. Infrared drone roof inspection uses cameras to record those hard-to-reach areas of a structure like rooftops, support beams, or rafters.
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Handheld Thermal Cameras

Handheld cameras allow users to inspect areas without bulky equipment. Inspect walls, floorboards, electrical equipment with the touch of a button. We carry a widespread of handheld thermal camera styles including tablets and monoculars.
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Fixed Mount

Fixed mount thermal cameras can easily be set up for long term monitoring and research of buildings. The fixed mount system allows for data to be collected and understood over long periods of time.
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Utilizing Infrared in the Energy Sector

Oil and Gas
Optical gas imaging enables O&G professionals to visualize invisible gases, detect gas leaks, perform pipeline inspection services, and much more.

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Renewable Energy
energy oil and gas
energy electrical
energy renewable wind

FAQs: Thermal Cameras for Energy Industry

Below are some commonly asked questions regarding infrared thermometers vs thermal cameras.

What is an infrared drone inspection?

Energy sector professionals find immense value in infrared drone inspections. ICI’s UAV with thermal cameras give you a bird’s eye view over hard-to-see areas like wind farms, solar farms, oil wells, and smokestacks. Our UAV Sensor Control Module enables your drone to handle up to three infrared cameras so you can measure temperatures, detect invisible gas, and capture thermal images from afar. Contact our team to discuss your unique needs.

How can infrared in the energy industry help save money?

Utilizing an infrared tool, auditors can check the effectiveness of energy tools. This allows for predictive maintenance. Early detection allows the energy industry to catch a problem before it happens and plan for the necessary repairs. In turn, this prevents a complete shutdown, therefore saving time, money, and resources.

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Our team of professional thermographers at ICI has been providing infrared for the energy industry since 1995.

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