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Infrared Unmanned Camera

Thermal imaging is prepared to reach new areas for your convenience.
Our high-grade unmanned cameras can be mounted on any drone, robot, or UAV making access to hard-to-reach areas possible.
Infrared drones easily monitor areas from a bird’s eye view adding a convenient solution for large commercial buildings,
wind farms, solar farms, and more. All large or potentially unsafe areas can now be covered
by self-stabilizing drones or robots, offering effective, high-quality thermal imaging in more locations.


What is a UAV?

An unmanned aerial vehicle is an aircraft controlled by a remote, rather than an onboard human pilot. These drones provide sky access when a manned flight is considered inconvenient or dangerous. An unmanned camera attached to a UAV has the ability to scan large areas utilizing precise movements and a bird’s eye view.

What is the most effective unmanned camera?

An effective, high-quality unmanned camera should be lightweight, portable, and run on less than 1 watt of power. Our unmanned cameras include the 9320 P-Series9640 P-SeriesSWIR 128 P-SeriesSWIR 640 P-Series, and SWIR 320 P-Series. The cameras listed can stream data directly to properly paired software.


Increase safety


Proactive maintenance


Monitor with ease



Find the solution that’s right for you.

Pick the infrared camera that’s perfect for your needs.

Multi-Sensor UAV Payload

Use a multi-sensor UAV camera to locate hydrocarbon-based emissions. These cameras attach onto any drone or UAV for efficient inspections.

USB Fixed Mount Thermal Cameras

Our USB calibrated thermal cameras are perfect to mount on any drone. Their lightweight and energy efficient design allow for real time data to be streamed with ease from a UAV.

Where can you utilize a thermal unmanned camera?

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

A UAS camera is able to be easily mounted to advance aircraft systems for aerial views. The ground-based controller is able to see real-time data from the unmanned camera.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Benefits of using an Unmanned Camera

Utilizing a UAV with an unmanned infrared camera attached allows for early detection of maintenance concerns to increase safety and efficiency.

  • UAVs make large areas or structures such as pipelines easily accessible for inspections for gas leaks as well as structural imperfections.
  • Preventive maintenance assures optimal conditions for the structure and allows for peace of mind when it comes to safety.


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