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Optical Gas Imaging

Optical Gas Imaging
with Infrared Technology

See invisible industrial gases with optical gas imaging cameras. Optical gas imaging cameras are a safe gas leak detection method, enabling your personnel to work at a safe distance and avoid safety hazards. Meet fugitive emission regulations and detect gas leaks quickly with ICI’s optical gas imaging cameras.


What is optical gas imaging?

Optical gas imaging is the method of using thermal infrared cameras to visualize gas, including methane and many other organic gases. Thermal cameras are fast-acting gas leak detection devices. They help keep your workers, your workplace, and your environment safer.

How does optical gas imaging work?

Optical gas imaging (OGI) cameras and systems use a unique spectral filter method that enables the product to detect all hydrocarbons. Due to its many advantages, OGI has become the most effective hydrocarbon detector method across several industries — a shift from the legacy sniffer-based programs.

Using this method, gas leak detection cameras enable the user to uncover and visualize fugitive emission leaks from a safe distance, making it easier to identify the source of the leak. Quick detection facilitates fast repairs, preventing any major damage to the environment, and keeping your workers safe from harmful gas emissions. These measures help you avoid fines and decrease the loss of revenue and product.


Increases Safety


Reduce fugitive emissions


Comply with regulations


Prevent lost revenue

Find the solution that’s right for you.

Optical gas imaging options for your workplace.

ICI’s optical gas imaging systems are highly accurate and adaptable to diverse situations.
Whether you need to inspect a pipeline, identify leaks in an industrial plant,
or detect volatile compounds within a factory, ICI has a tool for you. 

Multi-Sensor UAV Payloads for Optical Gas Imaging

Use a complete drone system to detect gas leaks in hard-to-see and hard-to-reach areas. Get a bird’s eye view with our multi-sensor UAV payloads engineered specifically for optical gas imaging.

Handheld Thermal Cameras

Handheld cameras allow users to inspect areas without bulky equipment. Inspect walls, floorboards, electrical equipment with the touch of a button. We carry a widespread of handheld thermal camera styles including tablets and monoculars.

Fixed Mount

Fixed mount thermal cameras can easily be set up for long term monitoring and research of buildings. The fixed mount system allows for data to be collected and understood over long periods of time.

Where can you utilize optical gas imaging?

Gas Leak Detection

Optical gas imaging allows you to detect leaks of methane and other hydrocarbon gases quickly and safely.

Gas and Oil Pipeline Inspections
Natural Gas Detection

Benefits of Optical Gas Imaging Technology

Why should you utilize infrared technology for fugitive emission monitoring and gas leak inspections?

  • Increase personnel safety.
  • Reduce environmental impact by detecting fugitive greenhouse gases.
  • Detect leaks early before they become a health and financial risk.
  • Decrease the risk of leaking toxic fumes and gases.
  • Prevent loss from gas leaks: perishable products, revenue, fines, and equipment.
  • Avoid fines.

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Veteran Owned. Hand calibrated in the USA.

ICI’s optical gas imaging cameras provide supreme accuracy and sensitivity. One degree can mean the difference between an operational plant and an explosion. When safety is on the line, choose the most accurate solution you can find.

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