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Building Inspection

Infrared Building Inspections

Increase safety and eliminate unnecessary energy waste by utilizing infrared building inspections. Structural deficits, like trapped moisture, can go unnoticed without the proper equipment. Through this non-invasive method, infrared camera inspections can catch problems that are undetectable otherwise. Infrared building inspections identify moisture leaks, compromised insulation, and air leaks. Some inspections can also be completed from a distance with our infrared drone roof inspections for added convenience. Our infrared camera roof inspections are cost-effective, thorough, efficient, and can help prevent future costly projects, allowing you to be proactive rather than reactive.


Can you use infrared thermography roof inspection on commercial roofs?

Yes, infrared thermography roof inspections can be conducted on commercial roofs. Infrared roof inspections are beneficial for built-up roofs, low slope roofs, and even singly-ply membrane roofs. We use several methods to optimize roof inspections for different types of commercial properties. We maintain safety by using infrared drone roof inspections to compile aerial images of large roofs. Infrared roof inspection costs can be daunting. We provide competitive pricing and help with peace of mind.

What is an infrared camera building inspection?

Infrared camera building inspections identify problems by viewing differences in temperature on a gradient scale through thermal imaging. This is a non-invasive temperature measurement tool that can keep you from spending money on repairs in the future. Infrared camera inspections can help determine problems with water damage to insulation. Taking these proactive steps are investments into the safety and prosperity of your commercial property.


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ICI's thermal imaging systems offer a critical tool in identifying potential problems during a building inspection.

Whether you need to inspect the roof or a commercial building or the HVAC unit, ICI has a tool for you.

Unmanned Infrared Systems

Aerial Drones are ideal for thermal building inspections. No need to scale tall buildings or bridges, these cameras have a long range and are a breeze to fly. Infrared drone roof inspection uses cameras to record those hard-to-reach areas of a structure like rooftops, support beams, or rafters.

Handheld Thermal Cameras

Handheld cameras allow users to inspect areas without bulky equipment. Inspect walls, floorboards, electrical equipment with the touch of a button. We carry a widespread of handheld thermal camera styles including tablets and monoculars.

Fixed Mount

Fixed mount thermal cameras can easily be set up for long term monitoring and research of buildings. The fixed mount system allows for data to be collected and understood over long periods of time.

Types of Infrared Building Inspection

Infrared Roof Inspection
Infrared thermography roof inspections help identify roof leaks that can contribute to energy waste as a result of wet insulation.

Infared Insulation Inspection
Infrared HVAC Inspection

How can infrared thermography roof inspections benefit your commercial property?

Infrared cameras allow an inspector to survey a building for integral issues that compromise the safety of the structure. This helps identify costly repairs and replacements before they become major issues.

  • Protect your investment with an infrared building inspection
  • Identify leaks and compromised insulation
  • Avoid spending thousands of dollars in repair cost
  • Complete inspections from a safe distance

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