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Thermal Imaging Camera Medical Applications

Discover the Benefits of Medical Thermal Cameras

Medical thermal cameras are extremely accurate devices capable of measuring skin surface temperature and imaging all parts of the human body with precision and informative detail. There are many applications of medical thermography.

A medical thermal imaging camera creates a thermal image that displays different levels of heat that emits from the human body. This image serves as a signal to thermographers, operators, or doctors when the temperature is normal or elevated. Additionally, a medical thermal imaging camera can be used to measure a part of the body to detect elevated temperatures that could be caused by inflammation, circulation issues, injury, or potential infection.

Medical thermography technology is rapid, non-invasive, and non-contact. Medical infrared cameras are effective adjunctive tools for detecting elevated skin temperatures.

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Thermal Camera for Medical Use Options.

ICI’s thermal imaging systems are highly accurate tools to assist in diagnostics.
From temperature scans, breast imaging, and disease monitoring, ICI has a tool for you.


Handheld Thermal Cameras

Our handheld infrared cameras allow for complete mobility and control in any medical setting. Handheld thermal cameras allow doctors to visualize changes in an easier and less intrusive process.
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Fixed Mount

Medical thermography utilizes a fixed mount thermal camera system to provide a non-invasive and objective medical imaging procedure.
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Thermal Cameras for Medical Use

Temperature Screening
Body surface temperature screening with infrared cameras is a rapid and accurate method of detecting potentially ill individuals who demonstrate elevated skin temperatures.

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 FAQs: Thermal Imaging Camera Medical Applications

What is medical thermal imaging?

Medical thermal imaging is the process of measuring infrared radiation emitted from the body to produce thermal images with corresponding temperature calculations. The process is non-invasive, so there is no pain or radiation.

What is thermal imaging used for in medicine?

Breast imaging is a common use of medical thermography, as it can detect the possible presence of a tumor or cancer. Additionally, medical thermal cameras are able to visualize inflammation within the body, which might indicate the presence of potential diseases, such as arthritis, musculoskeletal problems, cancer, diabetes, or other conditions.

Can you detect cancer with thermography?

Thermal imaging cameras for cancer screening oncology are intended to serve as a clinical diagnostic procedure. Thermal imaging camera medical diagnosis imaging is looking for neogenesis in the breast that is an early indication of cancer.

How accurate is thermal imaging?

ICI’s medical grade thermal imaging camera have an extremely high level of accuracy. Our cameras are accurate to ±0.1-0.3 degrees Celsius. When it comes to human health and safety, there should be no compromises on accuracy.

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