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Industrial Infrared Thermography

Discover the many uses of industrial infrared cameras.

Industrial infrared cameras are essential to the safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness of multiple applications within the industrial and commercial sectors. From welding and pressure vessel monitoring to glassware manufacturing and plastic injector molding, industrial infrared cameras ensure your equipment is operating as it should, that your workers are in a safe environment, and that your product is consistent.

Industrial infrared inspection cameras create images that map out the heat in a facility, whether that be the temperatures of workers or the operating temperature of equipment and electrical systems. Because of this, thermal imaging cameras have many uses in industrial settings, from preventative to productive. They can help manufacturers catch and prevent maintenance issues and energy wastes before these issues become more costly and cause interruptions. Thermal cameras can also detect gas leaks using an optical gas imaging inspector and electrical problems before they become a danger to workers. Additionally, the cameras monitor the production process so that every item meets your business’s standards.

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Infrared camera options for all industrial needs

ICI’s thermal imaging systems are highly accurate for monitoring and manufacturing uses.
Whether you need to inspect critical equipment or identify defects in the manufacturing process, ICI has a tool for you.


Unmanned Infrared Systems

Aerial Drones are ideal for thermal building inspections. No need to scale tall buildings or bridges, these cameras have a long range and are a breeze to fly. Infrared drone roof inspection uses cameras to record those hard-to-reach areas of a structure like rooftops, support beams, or rafters.
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Handheld Thermal Cameras

Handheld cameras allow users to inspect areas without bulky equipment. Inspect walls, floorboards, electrical equipment with the touch of a button. We carry a widespread of handheld thermal camera styles including tablets and monoculars.
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Fixed Mount

Fixed mount thermal cameras can easily be set up for long term monitoring and research of buildings. The fixed mount system allows for data to be collected and understood over long periods of time.
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Industrial Infrared Camera Applications

Critical Equipment Monitoring
Keep tabs on your critical mechanical and/or electrical equipment. Thermal cameras detect temperature changes and hot spots, signaling potential problems early.
Process Control
Molten Liquid Monitoring
industrial critical equipment monitoring
industrial manufacturing
industrial process control
industrial mining
industrial molten liquid monitoring

Top Solutions for Industrial Applications

Industrial Infrared Inspection

Industrial infrared inspection is an initial and ongoing process that is essential to catching and preventing potential maintenance and safety issues. Using industrial infrared cameras, optical gas imaging, or aerial infrared drones, you can constantly monitor your facility’s equipment and electrical systems from a centralized location, even in the dark or when views get obscured.

Industrial Infrared Training

Here at ICI, we can help you determine which of our cameras and systems will best suit your business and provide comprehensive education and support to get you started and keep you going. Our Infrared Training Institute offers on-site training for customized help tailored towards your specific industry.

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