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Search and Rescue Infrared Thermography for Speed and Safety

Accurate and efficient search and rescue gear.

In an emergency, first responders rely on infrared cameras to help make informed decisions and act quickly. From fighting fires to search and rescue missions, thermal cameras understand their surroundings through thick smoke and complete darkness. They map out the surface and environmental temperature to the degree. This allows rescuers on the ground or in the air to assess a hazardous situation using quantitative data. Infrared cameras can accurately locate a fire’s hot spots, trapped victims, and potential dangers. Ensure that your team stays safe while saving others.

Search and rescue teams use thermal imaging during structural fires, wildfires, mountain searches, sea rescues, and more. Whether it’s a handheld camera mapping the flames around you, or an unmanned drone monitoring large areas, infrared search, and rescue equipment helps your team take control of an emergency.

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Infrared Camera Options for Search and Rescue.

ICI’s infrared search and rescue tools are highly accurate, quick, and designed to withstand extreme environments.
From fighting fires to searching for missing persons, ICI has a solution for you.


Unmanned Infrared Systems

Infrared cameras mounted to drones provide an overview of fire spread or victim location even when there is no visibility. Drones take to the air in minutes and send thermal maps back to you on the ground so that you can take action.
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Handheld Thermal Cameras

We design our handheld infrared search and rescue gear to go with you into hazardous environments. These durable tools see what you can’t, and provide exact temperatures so that you can make informed decisions.
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Applications for infrared rescue and firefighting equipment

Monitor the fire until it is put out. Infrared cameras locate hot spots, escape routes, and victims, so you can act quickly and safely.
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FAQs: Infrared search and rescue gear

What is an infrared drone inspection?

Infrared rescue equipment shows you where the danger lies. These cameras create heat maps that first responders read to assess and monitor a situation. When rescuers arrive at the scene, they use thermal imaging to locate flare ups, safe routes, and individuals through the smoke and fire. In the case of missing or lost persons, aerial drones can quickly fly over large areas to detect signs of life. From a snowy mountain search to an earthquake rescue, infrared cameras pinpoint the exact areas in which to send out ground teams. This saves valuable time, resources, and ultimately lives.

How can infrared in the energy industry help save money?

ICI makes infrared search and rescue gear for first responders to use both on the ground and in the air. We design handheld cameras such as the Fire XT P-series specifically for firefighters and rescuers. These rugged cameras see through thick smoke and other harsh conditions. They are able to withstand temperatures up to 1200 C and have a drop test rating of 2 m.  ICI also makes the FX 160 and the FX 368 FireFighter P-Series for firefighters. All our handheld cameras work on the spot to accurately map out heat down to the exact temperature. For getting above an emergency, ICI carries infrared cameras mounted to aerial drones or helicopters. These solutions allow search and rescue teams to quickly find missing persons or fire victims. Infrared drones also help firefighters detect, monitor, and contain the blaze they are fighting.

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masked waiter delivering food to indoor dining

Save Restaurants with Effective Precautions

Going out to eat looks different in 2020. For months, indoor dining has been limited and even closed in many cities across the nation. This lack of business has caused many restaurant owners a great deal of financial stress. As restaurants have begun to reopen their doors to onsite dining, it is crucial that we create a safer dining experience for patrons and staff with a few steps to lead us in the right direction. The CDC released a list of preventative measures restaurants should take in order to help slow the spread of COVID-19 as indoor dining resumes. Restaurants are encouraged to offer outdoor dining options to guests to allow for socially distanced tables in all areas. Temperature screening at the door is recommended across the country and is even required in some states, such as New York. Save restaurants and help return business with precautions such as these and proper PPE and face covering requirements, all while guests can reclaim the excitement and convenience of dining-in.

Outdoor Seating

When taking the leap back into dining in a public setting, outdoor seating is a great place to start! Many cities across the country have implemented outdoor dining while indoor dining rooms are still closed. This is a great option to allow for natural airflow and reduce person to person interaction in enclosed spaces. Restaurants with pre-existing patio dining, have provided a quick solution for patrons. On the other hand, many businesses have gone out of their way to build outdoor seating into their previous layout and workflow to create a safe dining experience for their guests. Outdoor seating has become one of the most popular quick-fix solutions to save restaurants and encourage a safer return to on-site dining.

Temperature Screening

Some cities have begun to reopen their doors for indoor dining along with the outdoor seating options. This luxury comes with new guidelines and requirements. Temperature screening checks at restaurant entrances are required in New York City for indoor dining and are recommended across the country. Implementing thermal cameras at entrance points helps save restaurants with a frontline defense for the establishment and offers greater peace of mind for employees and patrons. ICI offers both handheld and fixed mount solutions to provide a variety of products and features for all types of restaurant entrances and price points. These body surface temperature screening devices help keep symptomatic patrons and employees out of food establishments and intercept possible contamination.

Fixed Mount

A Mobile Cart Fixed Mount System is the perfect solution for restaurants with high traffic. Attended solutions, such as this one, are equipped with centralized monitoring to make integration into existing security systems convenient and stress free. Rapid screening allows an employee to scan the body surface temperature of a person before entering the building with speed and efficiency which removes the risk of long lines or backups at the door. Streamline the movement of people as guests are seated, all while the employee remains socially distanced from patrons.


Mom and Pop shops may find that handheld temperature screening options better fit the needs of their business. With lower traffic flows and congestion of people, handheld infrared thermometers provide a cost efficient tool for temperature screening.  This non contact process allows an operator to scan the body temperature of a guest and recognize elevated temperatures from a short distance. The LCD screen and audible alerts ensure this tool is simple to use and highly effective. ICI’s handheld equipment is lightweight and portable to enable it for mobile use.

Social Distanced Dining

Whether dining outdoors or inside a restaurant, it is crucial to practice social distancing. Restaurants have the ability to rearrange tables and floor plans to ensure the maximum amount of space between patrons and ample room for employees to move about the establishment. When dining indoors, there is less natural airflow. Therefore, spread out tables encourage social distanced dining. The CDC recommends symptomatic people to stay home to slow the spread of contamination. We can catch some symptoms at the door through temperature screening. When it comes to asymptomatic people, tools, and techniques such as socially distanced seating arrangements save restaurants with an easily implemented precaution.

Employee Protection with PPE and Face Covering Requirements

Employee protection is rightfully a high priority for restaurant owners. Acquiring and wearing proper PPE is an important step to create a safer environment for restaurant staff.  A cloth face covering is most important when it is difficult to keep a physical distance. These masks should be worn in the proper fashion and washed according to CDC recommendations. It is crucial to encourage guests to keep face coverings on at all times, when not eating. This simple precaution is a buffer and defense against unintentional contamination.

Slow the Spread at The Door

The year 2020 has thrown a wrench into many businesses, but we can help save restaurants if we take these few precautions. When outdoor seating is offered as an option, temperature screening is in place, tables are socially distanced, and proper PPE and face coverings are worn, we are working to slow the spread of COVID-19 at the door. The more intentional restaurants are to implement a frontline defense, the quicker we can return to indoor dining with peace of mind. As indoor dining begins to reopen, it is up to restaurant owners to create a safer dining experience. Take advantage of this turnkey solution, and protect your employees and patrons with ICI temperature screening technology.
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October 6, 2020
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The New Normal: Temperature Screening at Airports

It looks as though COVID-19 is here to stay. With our lifestyles so drastically altered over the last several months, there is a growing sense of public restlessness. Industries worldwide are developing new technologies and procedures to get back to normal without sacrificing safety. The travel industry is no excepti
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3 Important Thermal Camera Questions For Reopening Businesses

As schools and businesses reopen, leaders have a lot of questions about how to do so safely. Temperature screening is an efficient and accurate precaution for enhancing safety. Infrared thermometers are a popular choice for reopening businesses, but thermal cameras offer the best, most accurate, and safest option for screening temperatures.
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