USB Infrared Cameras

USB Infrared Cameras

Our USB thermal cameras are small, lightweight, and extremely convenient. All devices can be connected to a desktop computer and run with our latest software.

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Why use a USB thermal imaging camera?

Thermal imaging allows us to view things unseeable to the human eye. When using a USB thermal imaging camera, it’s lightweight and portable attributes broaden the possibilities in an IR camera on the go.

8320 P Series IR Camera Medical
9320 P Series IR Camera Medical
8640 P Series IR Camera Medical
9640 P Series IR Camera Medical
Mirage Research & Development
Mirage HC | Optical Gas Imaging Camera
Mirage 640 P-Series
SWIR 320 P-Series
Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometer | TDLAS
SWIR 640 P-Series
8640 P-Series
9640 P-Series
8640 Broadband
8320 P-Series

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How to use Infrared Cameras?

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